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Build your outpost. Manage your citizens. Craft tools and weapons. Survive the zombie apocalypse.

As the leader of one of the last remnants of civilization, you must manage your citizens, use resources to expand your outpost, and protect your citizens from both starvation and zombies.

In the face of this great challenge, you are given control over the construction of new buildings for your citizens to live and work in. Striking the right balance of building types is critical to maintaining the resource stockpiles so valuable to your citizens. Equip your workforce with the right tools for the job as the needs of your Outpost are shaped by its growth. Craft weapons to protect and defend your Outpost from zombies that wander too close...

Top-100 strategy game in 110+ countries worldwide!


Improve your base over time to shelter your citizens from the outside world, and stockpile resources to save as many lives as possible.

Lead your citizens into a new age of prosperity by assigning them the right jobs, including farmers and guards.

Give your citizens the tools they need to survive. Build a workshop to unlock advanced crafting and create weaponry to fend off the dead.

Combat famine and the dead by perfecting your long-term strategic balance of management, research, building and crafting.

• Strategically manage your citizens between civilian and armed roles
• Scavenge, hunt, farm, and mine to gather resources
• Smith, forge, fight, and shoot to defend your walls
• Building & crafting progression systems
• Food/starvation system
• Different zombie types
• Time control
• Realistic day/night cycle
• Minimalist UI
• Pixel art graphics
• Seasons
• And much more...


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Versión 1.2.2


This huge new update was built entirely from scratch, bringing many new features and improvements to your Outpost. Here’s what we’ve changed.

• Upgrade your buildings with stone! - reinforce your walls and increase your capacities even further
• Miners obtain stone from mines with pickaxes
• Store stone in a new building type

• Added the ability to fast-forward during the night
• Avoid attracting zombies - you can now command your snipers to cease fire
• Knife fighters can now be reassigned between walls
• Snipers now have a moving laser sight
• Citizens now sleep in housing and do not consume food during the night

• Experience the winter - introducing cycling seasons and harsh winters that reduce farm productivity
• Added 15+ new building levels
• Added support for 5 new languages - German, French, Italian, Spanish & Russian
• Light rendering and realistic day-night-cycle
• Citizens now find their own way around your Outpost using pathfinding
• Added loading screen
• Added audio settings and more to the main menu
• You can now skip the tutorial
• Tactical Packages can now be purchased - ensuring that you don’t miss out on your resources
• Reworked game saving - more game state is retained more frequently

• Many balance changes to hunters, scavengers, building upgrades and more
• New visual effects for noises from knives and gunshots
• There are no longer three different types of metal scrap
• Snipers can now go on walls
• Changed font
• Farmers no longer walk on top of level 4 farm buildings
• Tutorial tweaks
• Removed guards and pistols
• Added metal sheets to the top bar
• Menus are now larger in 4:3 aspect ratio
• Top bar now shows all three bullet types
• Added resource consumption indicator when building construction begins
• Improved UX when making purchases in the tactical menu
• Top bar improvements - visualise the time with a radial indicator
• Resource gain indicators include the corresponding icon
• Job progress bars now animate and look sharper
• Your most hungry citizens are fed first
• The arrival of outsiders is less predictable

• Rubble no longer gets stuck at 100% removed
• Zombies do not stop at the wall with knife fighters unable to target them
• Ammo stores cannot be duplicated
• Many issues related to citizen movement animations resolved
• Snipers should now attend their positions every night

==1.2.2 CHANGES==
• Fixed occasional population reduction when loading a save
• Buildings no longer overlapping/disappear
• Added check to assigning diggers to rubble
• Fixed infinite scrap/stone exploit
• Fixed food consumption issues
• Time loop no longer occurs in the mornings
• Fixed empty statistics menu
• Menu button now always works
• Reduced outsider arrival frequency

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.4 de 5
35 valoraciones

35 valoraciones

Jonygorilon ,

Es muy bueno pero

Desde ayer, cuando trato de entrar, el juego simplemente se traba, se queda en pantalla negra y después de un momento me saca de la app. Ya reinicié mi teléfono y el juego, pero sigue sin funcionar

soy yo (8 ,


Me gustaría el español


Muy bueno

Muy buen juego la verdad, no le pongo un pero! Me gustaría que siguiera mejorando el juego y que le metieran las contenido pero muuuy bueno 👌🏻

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