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View your health, activity, nutrition and sleep data across a date range, visualizing how one affects others. See the effects of a new diet or lifestyle change on your weight, measurements, sleep, and lab results. Understand the relationships and how your body reacts to nutrition and calorie deficits, exercise and muscle mass. Plumb the depths of Health data which are already stored on your iPhone or iPod touch, and discover the hidden gems inside it!

Do you have an Apple Watch? Do you track your nutrition in a nutrition diary such as MyNetDiary or MyFitnessPal? Or do you track workouts using an app like iCardio, MapMyRun, or the built-in Workouts app?

If so, you already have a wealth of data stored on your device's Health store, waiting for you to mine it to gain insights on how your body reacts to exercise, diet, and aging.


- Graph two or more data series against each other across time to see relationships buried in the data
- Choose any date range for which you have Health data stored
- Zoom into the data smoothly using intuitive touch gestures
- See the specific values as well as a running average for graphed data on any date in the range by tapping on that date
- Store graph settings to bring them up quickly, for instance when discussing your health with your physician
- A data series may be any of the "quantity" data stored in Apple Health (technically, all HealthKit Quantity Type data, so long as you have stored data of that type via a HealthKit Source app), including *but not limited to*:
- Weight
- Active Energy Burn
- Basal (Resting) Energy Burn
- Exercise Time
- Step Count
- Heartbeat Variation
- Blood Pressure (Systolic and Diastolic)
- Resting Heartrate
- Blood Glucose Measurements
- Full Nutrition Info
- and many more
- A data series may also be one of several "calculated" values based on the above quantity data, including:
- Weekly Weight Change
- Weight in Fat
- Weight Excluding Fat
- Daily Energy Deficit
- Weekly Energy Deficit
- Total Energy Burn
- % Calories from Carbohydrates
- % Calories from Non-Fiber Carbs
- % Calories from Fats
- % Calories from Saturated Fats
- % Calories from Proteins
- Carbohydrates Excluding Fiber
- Time Awake in Bed
- Resting Heartrate Below Average
- Resting Heartrate Below Walking
- All data is analyzed locally, on YOUR device, and never leaves your direct control.


Versión 1.0.5

Fixes bug saving graphs, where previously saved graphs would be over-written with the latest graph's settings.


Thomas Dibble
13.3 MB

Requiere iOS 11.3 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.





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