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«I'm still here» - digital-performance about the anonymity of street artists and the feature of their work to take on new forms over time.
The artist allows viewers to track all their movements and pulse data within a month. They warn viewers that they are going to create objects, thus inviting viewers to participate in any format. The viewer can become an outside observer of the process as well as a participant. The viewer can interfere with, disrupt, prevent, or support the work.
The viewer can also intervene in a work that is close to them and is already finished. They can add, remove, or correct elements of the work, or they can remove a part of an object or an object completely.
The viewer can not only track the artist in real time, but can also view the full history of their movements, heartbeat during the creation of the work and its original look.
The person who is not watching an artist in real time receives notifications that the artist is going to create the work. In this way, they are able to quickly enter the process of creating the work or simply follow the movements of the author. They can also be the first person who wants to make changes to the object.
Comprehensive information about who the artist is, emphasizing the continuous streaming of data on their movements, makes you think about how anonymity affects the processes of art.
«I'm still here» is a new perspective on how artistic practice will change if society follows the path of total control over the movements of citizens and their biological indicators.


Versión 1.2

Displaying the heart rate chart on the date screen.

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