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The intelliLaminating App supports the operation of a laminating machine. The app provides various digital tools that are precisely tailored to the requirements of a laminating machine. The goal is to minimize errors, make production more efficient and to utilize optimization potential. The intelliLaminating App is suitable for employees in a small workshop or industrial companies.


Roller lifetime:
- Visualizes the hardness curve of application rollers of a glue application machine over their lifetime.
- Several application rollers can be set up and their ageing process can be recorded by means of regular Shore hardness measurements.
- On the basis of the measured values entered, the app estimates the remaining lifetime of the application rollers to be expected. Although the predicted lifetime can deviate from the actual lifetime due to many influencing factors, the app provides the user with helpful orientation.
- The app can help the machine operator to identify possible influencing factors and to initiate suitable measures.

Coil length:
- This function can be used to quickly determine the length of a material on a roll/coil.
- This makes it easy to check whether there is still sufficient laminating material on the roll/coil to be able to process the production order completely.
- Thus an unforeseen interruption of the laminating process due to a lack of laminating material can be excluded and a resulting incorrect laminating can be avoided.

Application weight:
- Allows to determine the amount of adhesive applied to a workpiece (g/m²).
- By entering the workpiece dimensions, the weight of the unglued and the glued workpiece, the app determines the applied application amount.
- The tool thus eliminates a frequent source of error which results, for example, from the conversion from mm to m².


Versión 1.1

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