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JetPortal is an app powered by the world’s leading aircraft charter company, Air Charter Service. The app’s innovative technology provides private jet customers with instant access to everything they need, from prices to full itineraries. For users arranging charters for others, such as EA’s or travel professionals, it also allows quotes and itineraries to be easily shared with decision makers and passengers.

Download Air Charter Service’s JetPortal app and gain access to everything you need for your private jet charter, whenever you need it.


Personalised home screen: The home screen is your personalised entry point into the JetPortal app and will give you easy access to important information regarding any upcoming flights. The My Charters section will provide an overview of your quoted and booked charters, along with a history of your previous flights.

View and accept quotes online: You will be able to view detailed quotes including prices, flight times and a range of further details of available aircraft. The app allows you to accept your preferred quotation.

Flight Details & Itinerary: Gain quick access to your flight details from the app, whenever you need them. Whether you need directions whilst on the way to the airport, or simply need to check your departure time, a quick tap on the app can provide all.

Share functionality: The app allows you to share the quotes and itineraries you select with whoever needs them at the click of a button. It also allows decision makers to directly accept their preferred quotes.

Quick access to your personal account manager: The app will provide all users with quick access to their personal account manager for any questions or updates that they may have.


Versión 1.13.0

• Improvements in preparation for the release of JetPortal to the USA
• US English localisation
• Availability to users worldwide

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