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Mobile Inspection replaces clipboards with an app.

Mobile Inspection allows anyone to configure (or customize) a checklist or punch-list for mobile data capture by one or more inspectors, technicians, or safety coordinators. It allows the in-field/remote individuals to capture any type of data including images, text, dropdowns, multi-select items, checkboxes etc. The checklists can also be scored and ranked for easy trend analysis across sites within an enterprise.

For example, a safety coordinator has a monthly job site checklist that is currently completed each month and on paper at 47 job sites - that is a nightmare! Enter Mobile Inspection.

Using our web and mobile software allows the razzled coordinator mentioned above creates a common list of items to be used at each site so that each inspection is done consistently. The coordinator can then schedule various inspectors or other technicians to complete the inspection on a regular, scheduled basis. All of the information captured in the field is immediately stored digitally within the mobile device and is synchronized to the central server later.

The best parts:
No more paper
Agile workforce driven data capture
Enterprise level reporting
Dynamic API for integration into other key systems

More usage examples
An oil producer uses it to inspect each oil well weekly for safety issues
An electric service provider uses Mobile Inspection to complete and track safety audits
A restaurant uses Mobile Inspection to complete the closing checklists.
A landlord uses Mobile Inspection to complete unit inspections.
A trampoline manufacturer uses it to regularly check the quality of the installations
A dental inspector uses the app to track conditions at each office she visits
A group home coordinator uses the app to track safety issues at each property.

In essence, it captures remote data quickly and easily for central analysis.


Versión 2.9.94

Addresses an issue with the way newer versions of iOS interact with sqlite which often resulted in completed inspections being synced up to server as "Needs Review" when Template does not specify that they should.

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Wentworth Inc.
34.7 MB

Requiere iOS 11.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.





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