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Looking for a speech app that adds enormous social communication power to a strong academic language base? Try Talk Suite Pro. And see how a person can Do More!

Talk Suite Pro meets the needs of early communicators to advanced communicators. 

And it's the only app that offers symbols and voices to highlight an individual's age, gender, race, and so much more!


Talk Suite Pro was created working with many of the best SLPs and educators in our field, so provides strong sentence building... and also all sorts of ideas for quicker, more engaging communication.

Learn about our fantastic comprehensive approach to communication – Anticipatory Commuication, which blends precise generative language and social learning.

Check out this video on our YouTube Channel at

Our built-in scanning features are created to support those with even the most complete motor challenges.

Even at its best, being a person who needs Alternative Communication and Speech Apps is tough. Talk Suite Pro is designed to make it all a bit easier.


TSP also offers a complete communication environment to support not only the person who uses the app, but also the families, teachers, SLPs and others who are part of that individuals world.

Our approach features multiple communication modes, bi-weekly activities, and online resources. So you can do more on your own. And that's especially important during these times.

Talk Suite Pro is designed to be easily customizable for beginning communicators, and advanced communicators.


Talk Suite helps build more than great sentences. It helps build connection, engagement, and inclusion.

Our communication structure was developed with the input of some of our field’s most important leaders: Pati-King DeBaun, Caroline Musselwhite, Deanna Wagner, Mo Buti, Gretchen Hanser, and Megan Fucci-Wenzel. With their input, you can feel assured Talk Suite's approach – incorporating principles of Multi-Modal Communication while balancing the need for precise speech with those for faster communication – can give you powerful tools possible to reach your potential!


Families and Parents: You’ll love the phrases included to help get conversations going - and communication growing. And you'll love our activities.

Teachers and SLPs: You’ll love how we’ve made it easier to incorporate Talk Suite into your classes! And all our academic vocabulary.


Talk Suite provides non-verbal individuals with thousands of words, smartly organized, to create new sentences word-by-word.

As you grow, you'll love our state-of-the-art editing interface. Programming is actually enjoyable!

Talk Suite also comes with hundreds of pre-programmed things to say - organized in a variety of ways, so one can get to them quickly.


Talk Suite’s website also offers all sorts of free resources for learning and support – including dozens of quick “How To Videos” to save you from plodding through manuals.


To see more, visit our site at

Do More! With Talk Suite!


Versión 4.1.9

Small bug fixes and minor enhancements.

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