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So you think you're a smarty pants? Drag your finger in any direction to spell as many words as you can before time runs out. Finding words adds time to the timer. Boggle your mind as you try to find the TOP WORD, which is the longest word in the puzzle! Find one of the top-ten words in the puzzle and you'll earn a special "Chicka-Pah".

"Guys - our family has all been playing this game for about a month and there is no sign of letting up. Very addictive! "
- Jeff Y

"I am seriously addicted to this game!! It's like scrabble mixed with a word search!!! I was up until 1am playing in bed!!! I feel like it's making me smarter!!!!! I'm learning so many new words!!!! I love Top Word!!!!"
-Lexi B.

How to play:

The timer is increased slightly when you spell words correctly and it fills up completely when you find 25%, 50% or 75% of the words in the puzzle or when you find the TOP WORD. Words comprised of one or two letters don't count.

The player begins on Tier 1. Each tier has six goals. When all six goals have been met, you can advance to the next tier with six more challenging goals. On the main menu, tap on the goal tiles for more information about each goal. Speaking of the tiles on the main menu, there may be a secret hidden in them.

Tap the commence button to start a new game.

The game is over when time runs out. All words in the puzzle will be revealed and are color coded as follows:
red = missed word
green = found new word (first time)
white = found word that you found previously in another puzzle
yellow = hint word missed

If you're curious about the meaning of a word, you can tap on any word to bring up a dictionary with the word's definition.


Versión 2.2.5

Bug fix.


Ditty Labs, LLC
27.9 MB

Requiere iOS 12.2 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Compras dentro de la app
  1. 25% Goal $19.00
  2. Chicka-Pah Goal $19.00
  3. 50 games goal $19.00


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