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Using Vternal Direct you can potentially become immortal. Certainly any documents, photos, videos and other files stored using it will last potentially forever. That's the power of Vternal technology!

The Vternal Network is a Peer-to-Peer Network which stores files securely and anonymously forever. The chance of a file being lost in a thousand years, once stored, is far less likely than you being struck by a meteorite during your lifetime. How many people do you know that have been struck by a meteorite?

Vternal Direct provides an anonymous way for anybody to create and manage files in The Vternal Network. It allows any file to be stored directly in the network and it allows you to create and manage folders of files there. The Folders are stored in The Vternal Network and you can create entries in your Apple Wallet which makes them easy to share with others. Vternal Direct is something quite new. For example, it will allow you to share documents, images, videos and audio tracks with your friends, family and descendants and others even many years from now.

You can store files for access today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, or at any time in the future. If you store a description of your DNA you can potentially be cloned far in the future.

Hundreds of years from today anyone with your key will be able to find and restore your folders and their contents. Without the key no one will ever be able to find them. No even governments.

Although Vternal Direct is not free the small price is nothing compared with the peace of mind it brings.

This application contains an extension which allows any file to be stored directly from any app. that allows files to be shared.


Versión 1.02

This Version includes a number of bug fixes and the use of the latest Vternal Framework.


Martin Dunsmuir
2.3 MB

Requiere iOS 11.4 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.





  • Wallet

    Almacena todos tus pases, entradas, tarjetas y más en un solo lugar.

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    Hasta seis miembros de una familia podrán usar esta app mientras la función Compartir en familia esté activada.

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