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Zurich Risk Advisor’s tools and expert guidance make risk management easy, covering key risks such as Cybersecurity, Fire, Flood, Employer’s Liability, Workers Compensation, Motor Fleet, and more. Built with the knowledge and experience of 750+ risk professionals, you can identify your risks and learn how to reduce them, all from your phone. All for free.
Designed for business owners, risk managers, site health and safety managers, property site managers, and anyone that simply wants to better protect and grow their business.
Zurich Risk Advisor gives you:
• Free risk assessment tools that fit with your busy schedule
• Instant guidance and Risk Improvement Ideas tailored to your business
• An overview of the way Zurich views and measures risk
• Access to Zurich’s risk insights for traditional and emerging risks
• Weekly safety tips to remind you of best practices to keep your business safe
• Tools that can be easily used by your staff


REMOTE COLLABORATION: Video call your Risk Engineer with special features tailored to help best serve you. Contact your Zurich Risk Engineer to learn how to schedule a virtual visit.

RISK SNAPSHOT: Five, simple Yes/No questions make it easy to understand your risks. Quickly and easily complete one question set when you just have a few minutes in your busy day. Receive immediate feedback on what you are doing well, where you can improve, and how you can improve. Complete a series of question sets for a comprehensive view of your risk.

RISK IMPROVEMENT IDEAS: Actionable guidance generated from Risk Snapshot. Manage and track to monitor progress toward completion. Built by our risk experts, following this guidance can help prevent and mitigate risk.

SELF RISK ASSESSMENT: In-depth assessment you can perform that uses the same Risk Grading criteria used by Zurich Risk Engineers. Provides Risk Improvement Ideas, Risk Grading score band, and Risk Category rating of excellent, good, fair, or poor.

WHAT IF: An insider’s view into Zurich’s Risk Grading methodology. Ideal for Zurich customers with a Risk Grading report that want to understand the Risk Grading score impact of improving certain risk aspects.

WEEKLY SAFETY TIPS: Delivered weekly in a notification, these safety tips cover a broad range of topics to keep you, your staff, and customers safe. Tap on the banner to learn more including best practices and additional resources.

ZURICH HAZARD ANALYSIS: Easily capture and document the outcomes of Zurich’s Hazard Analysis process. This methodology allows a team to analyze risk in a quantitative manner by brainstorming hazard scenarios, generating a risk profile, setting tolerance boundaries and devising a plan of prioritized risk improvements. Contact your Risk Engineer to learn more.

Zurich Risk Advisor uses secure identity management with multi-factor authentication to keep your information safe.

Zurich Risk Advisor can be used by businesses of all shapes and sizes, whether you are just starting your business or managing multiple locations in different countries. Understanding your risk and how you can manage it can be challenging, let Zurich Risk Advisor help you.

Zurich customers that use My Zurich enjoy even more benefits. For each location, risk assessment reports and more can be viewed from Zurich Risk Advisor.
You may:
• View risk assessment data
• Perform self risk assessments
• Track, monitor, and update Risk Improvement Actions
• Conduct What If Risk Grading scenarios

Zurich Risk Engineering provides data, tools and insights to help you make informed decisions around your risk management strategies and managing your total cost of risk.

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Versión 3.6.2

Hello Zurich Risk Advisor community, this week, we are introducing a new Self Risk Assessment covering the Supply Chain risks (English only). We are also launching a UK specific Risk Snapshot dealing with Escape of Water risk.

We hope you will keep enjoying the App!

Please let us know of any questions.
The Zurich Risk Advisor Team

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6 valoraciones

6 valoraciones

Mau Roberto ,

Un asesor de Riesgos virtual.

La app de Zurich es de gran utilidad para evaluar los riesgos de tu compañía.
No solo te permite tener una evaluación cuantificable, la nueva versión proporciona consejos para mejorar los riesgos identificados y cuenta con documentos técnicos para ayudarte en el proceso.

ProAgent2019 ,


Zurich risk advisor me dejó realizar una evaluación de riesgo de mi negocio para identificar las vulnerabilidades que tengo que trabajar! Excelente herramienta!

JCGutti ,

Gran aplicación.

Muy útil para entender las evaluaciones de riesgo.

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Requiere iOS 11.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


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