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4.8 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

n0tmayyy ,

Grab A+

THE APP IS SO HELPFUL 🤩🤩 the app allows me to just answer the exercises online which is so convenient. As a student with a lot of commitments that is such an helpful feature for me 🏃🏻‍♀️ and the staffs are very helpful and friendly!! I was having problems signing up and they assist me on signing up an account immediately.
The grab A+ spm carnival by far is the best carnival I’ve attended. The atmosphere was very lively and the motivational speech from the celebrity really inspired me to be a better student and to not give up very easily. The teachers were so good that I didn’t sleep in the class for the very first time 👩🏻‍🦯 and the good thing is that it was all free😫 the app is still very new and yall should really give this app the hype they deserve🤨 hoping to attend more carnival from askguru!!

Furqan Aqil ,


Thiss Askguru app is soo good for your studyy uses !! it havee soo manyy features that can helpp youu suchh likee when you do the exercises and you dont know how to do it you cann check the answers scheme which explain how to do it and they also provided video of tutorial how to do the question correctly and it is soo easy to understand !! the teacher that explain all of the questions is high experienced teacherr that was examinor for the spm paper andd state tcrr !! they alsoo provided a lott of questions for all main subjects for spm :) overall this askguru app is highly recommended for all students that going to sit for theirr spmm because for me its really helps a lottt in our studies !!!

adamkznoah ,

A one of a kind studying app! 😳🫶

I’ve been using the free trial and it exceeded my expectations, absolutely one of the best apps for SPM students to utilise.

As it’s User Interface friendly, everything was a breeze to navigate through the notes, and reviewing question papers made easy!

Overall, I’d highly recommend it as it provides almost all the courses SPM has to offer and with AskGuru, I couldn’t help but share this review with others! 👍🫶🤝

A busy-working Dad ,

Superb App that not only for Student but Parents too

This awesome app solves my long-standing problem with my child's studies. Previously, I could hardly assist my child with their study; though I bought them many revision books, no one could teach and guide them. With this app, they can now learn by themselves at any time, any place, and now I have big relief in their study.

YLing1977 ,

A Smart EduTech App

One of the best app I ever have. It’s by only bring values to me, also for my 2 daughters. Now I no need to worry my daughter have no time to do revision or don’t know how to do the revision as Askguru provides both solutions.
One of the most important value is saving my money to send my daughters for tuition where tuition time must be fixed and no way to revisit what tutor taught after the tuition.

ndhireana ,

lovin’ askguru

i love this app so much!! It has so many questions I can do when I’m outside with my family. This app also give an answer when I’m stuck at a few questions. I also can do my own notes in this app and share it with my fellow friends ! Love askguru so much <3~

kurma rahima ,



syukriznl ,

Askguru App

10/10. Sumpah saya cakap, semua pelajar yang bakal duduki SPM perlu download apps ni. Saya suka apps AskGuru ni! Walaupun baru dua hari saya gunakan apps ni, banyak perkara saya belajar terutamanya dalam addmath. Careless yang saya lakukan dalam menjawab soalan addmath selama ini akhirnya saya makin faham.

Apps ni bukan sahaja membantu, malah sangat mudah untuk pelajar yang seperti saya yang bekerja malam. Time takde customer, saya boleh melakukan sedikit latihan. Saya rasa apps ni lebih membantu daripada Tution sebab sometimes, waktu waktu nak SPM ni tiba tiba demam, jadi kita akan terlepas info-info yang cikgu berikan dalam kelas atau tempat Tution. Dengan ada apps ni, kita boleh buat latihan dan rujuk bahan bantu yang disediakan jika kita tidak faham atau tidak yakin dengan jawapan sendiri. Bahan bantu pelajar dalam bentuk video juga sangat membantu saya untuk memahami kehendak soalan yang diberi. Cikgu selalu cakap, malu bertanya sesat jalan. Adanya AskGuru, tiada lagi masalah dalam malu bertanya. shy to asked? AskGuru

Suggestion Trademark for Askguru :
Taktahu nak jawab,Just askguru okay!😚❤️

@syukriznl —>my ig

farisyamh_ ,

My review

Hi saya merupakan student batch 05 yang akan menduduki spm tidak lama lagi . Pada pendapat saya app ini sangat bagus kerana ia dapat membantu murid untuk lebih memahami subjek yang ingin di pelajari. Selain itu , ia juga menyediakan soalan-soalan yang femes dan cara untuk menjawab soalan-soalan tersebut . Pada pandangan saya , bagus lah kerana murid tidak akan stress dan mudah give up setelah tidak menjumpai cara nak menjawab soalan yang susah dan dari sini murid dapat banyak tips untuk mendapat markah yang bagus ketika memjawab soalan kbat. Akhir sekali yang paling saya suka tentang app nieh ialah ia sangat organized . Other than that, i really love it because it make more easier to find certain subject or notes . Saya berharap agar batch 05 dan batch yang lain berjaya mencapai keputusan yang cemerlang dan mengejar cita-cita masing-masing . GOODLUCK 🫶🏻. OVERALL I RATE THIS APP 10 OUT OF 10🥳🥳

s_wna ,

My Honest Review

AskGuru is a mind-blowing app.I regret not knowing this app before this.I can learn and gain various of knowledge from this app.It still fascinate me.Thats how the technology has grown through years.AskGuru is affordable as student have to pay an adequate price for the subscription.Besides,I don't have to bring heavy bags that full of books when I go to my hometown or vacation.I can just use my phone to study and do my revision.Apart from that, I can engage with experience teachers to ask my questions and get some tips on how to score my SPM.I also have an opportunity to watch video guided solution as I'm a visual learner.Not only that,there's sets of SPM questions that can be done to strengthen our knowledge and sharpen our mind.With this app on our fingertips we can easily excel our studies.
Hope that my review can open others mind about using AskGuru!!
I really really really love AskGuru!!!