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The Divine Light. An-Nur, meaning "the light" in Arabic. Noor (the light) lights up the life of every muslim and will be an app that is handy and accessible at any point of time, and to ensure this happens we’ve pledged the PREMIUM Noor App will be LIFETIME FREE to be downloaded by everyone!

We aim to be the world’s largest and fastest growing Muslim lifestyle app and ensuring muslims around the world utilises TheNoor app for their daily habits to embrace the Islamic Lifestyle.

TheNoor app is built with precision and consist elements that suits the needs of every muslim regardless of race and ethnic backgrounds.

TheNoor Premium App Features :
- Al Quran in multi-language translations with voice-over.
- Worldwide prayer times with auto & manual settings.
- Qiblah with real-time location detection.
- Multi-theme selections to choose from.
- High resolution audio format.

Apa Yang Baru

Versi 1.6.0

Major Enchancements Includes :

- Digital Dashboard
- Commerce
- Transfers
- Takaful
- Zakat
- Tabarru'
- System Improvements
- Bugs Fixes

Penilaian dan Ulasan

4.4 daripada 5
2.2K Penilaian

2.2K Penilaian

Nitwittykitty ,

Add more features

1. Tafsir written in both English & Malay language, which I expected to be included for a Malaysian developed app. Not everyone actually wanted to turn the audio on, some of us like to read them
2. A slower version of the Quran narration. Help those who are still struggling with their tajweed, pronunciations etc. I used this feature to help improve my readings and helped a lot
3. Add rumi versions of the Quran as well, don’t expect all your users to be arabic literate. Mualafs do appreciate this feature as it is very helpful
4. No Zikir tab which I expected to be included for a paid app as this is such a basic feature
5. Features such as profile customisation is not that important. The content of the app should be more wholesome. I don’t find this app as unique & useful as I expected it to be yet. Maybe I am expecting too much but it does need improvement in terms of content. We Malaysian are very supportive & forgiving (complains but gave 4 stars anyway😅) but let’s not take that for granted ya? We know you can do better. Insyaallah

Neeliash ,

New Version

Hello, good morning. So I just opened this new version of the The Noor and wow! They just updated almost everything that I’ve mentioned in the earlier feedback when it was first launched. It already has last read position, dhikr and dua and hadith. However, Idk if it’s on my phone but I dont know where my Quran translations are. They are no longer below each ayat or maybe I just dont know where Im supposed to set it. Can you help me with this issue coz I like reading rather than listening to the audio translation. Thanks and great job!

Azrilyp ,

Recite did not completely finished for each ayat

When each ayat being recite, it did not finished completely before the translation is being played. It as thou its being chopped off instead of letting it finished completely by 0.5 seconds. And after the translation by Neelofa has completed for each ayat, can hear the remaining sounds from the previous ayat before starting the next ayat. Not by much but it takes away the smoothness of the recitation. The rest is great.

Privasi App

Pembangun, Noor Luminous Sdn Bhd, menunjukkan bahawa amalan privasi app mungkin termasuk pengendalian data seperti yang diterangkan di bawah. Untuk maklumat lanjut, lihat dasar privasi pembangun.

Data Digunakan untuk Menjejak Aktiviti Anda

Data berikut mungkin digunakan untuk menjejak aktiviti anda merentas app dan laman web yang dimiliki oleh syarikat lain:

  • Maklumat Hubungan

Data Dipautkan kepada Anda

Data berikut mungkin dikumpul dan dipautkan ke identiti anda:

  • Maklumat Hubungan
  • Kandungan Pengguna
  • Pengecam

Data Tidak Dipautkan kepada Anda

Data berikut mungkin dikumpul tetapi tidak dipautkan ke identiti anda:

  • Lokasi
  • Data Penggunaan

Amalan privasi mungkin berbeza, sebagai contoh, berdasarkan ciri yang anda guna atau umur anda. Ketahui Lebih Lanjut


  • Perkongsian Keluarga

    Maksimum enam ahli keluarga dapat menggunakan app ini dengan Perkongsian Keluarga diaktifkan.

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