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Your guide to the characters and classes of Arena of Valor.

Garena AOV - Arena of Valor



Arena of Valor is one of the most competitive (and fun) games on the App Store. But if you’re looking to rise through the ranks, you’ll need a solid set of heroes at your disposal.

We can help with that.

Below you’ll find our beginner’s guide to Arena of Valor’s characters and classes to get you started on the right track.

The tanks

Watch out for that hook!

High on health and often leading the charge, tank characters are a must-have in any exchange. Because they’re built to absorb immense damage, each puts a unique spin on the role of initiator.

We recommend starting with Grakk. His hook attack lets you pull enemies in from a distance, keeping you out of range while helping your team by isolating the competition.

The warriors

Arthur is the face of Arena of Valor. He’s also a beast.

As the brawling class of Arena of Valor, these close-range initiators pack a bit more of a punch than your standard tank heroes, but they often need a little more help in the thick of battle.

For new players, we suggest starting with Arthur, a hybrid tank-warrior who blends mobility with punching power. Leap into battles with his main ability (Righteous Fervor) and deal damage in every direction with Holy Guard, which sends out a group of spinning swords.

The assassins

You’ll never see her coming...

Although these fighters are trickier to play, they go in for the kill, often focusing on the weakest members of the opposing team. You have less health than your typical warrior role, but you make up for it in damage output.

We recommend starting off with Butterfly. Her damage output is incredible, and her ultimate attack lets you instantly target the enemy with the lowest health in the area—perfect for team fights. She can also create momentum for the team, as any kill or assist resets all her abilities, allowing you to jump from enemy to enemy with ease. No assassin hero is easy, but Butterfly can be an absolute game changer. Just don’t try to go it alone.

The mages

Few heroes control the battlefield like Diaochan.

Attacking at a distance, these heroes are instrumental in controlling the flow of battle. Going with the mage role won’t have you topping the scoreboard with kills, but you’ll more than make up for it in assists.

There’s an impressive list of mage options, but Diaochan is where it’s at. Her ability to slow and freeze enemies is a must in both 3v3 and 5v5 battles, and if you can get in the right position—with friends around—her ultimate attack can wipe out an entire opposing team. Stay out of the crossfire and you’ll lead your team to victory.

The marksmen

Control the flow of battle or decimate the competition: The choice is yours.

As the snipers of Arena of Valor, marksmen have the most range. They let you lay down serious hurt while engaging from a safe distance.

We’re breaking our rule with this one and picking a pair: Violet and Yorn. If you’re looking to rack up kills, Violet is unstoppable when played right. Roll in with Tactical Fire and you can take a massive chunk out of an opponent’s life bar. With Yorn, rapid attacks allow you to own a lane, dispatching minions or keeping enemies at bay. He’s also brutal in 3v3, with Heavenly Barrage taking up the entire lane.

The support

She might be adorable, but don’t underestimate her.

Be nice to support players. They help you more than you may know. With powerful heals, speed boosts, or damage-over-time attacks, they’re the masters of assists and set the pace of battle.

There are some great options here, but we’ll have to go with Alice. She’s incredible. With enough practice, you’ll be able to stun enemies with her Sunshine ability, and the appropriately named Friendship spell will earn you plenty of high fives from tank and warrior players, giving them shields and speed boosts with every tap. Master her Hissy Fit ultimate and you’ll slow enemies to a crawl so your friends can finish them off.

    Garena AOV - Arena of Valor