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Search for clues and crack the case in these curious mystery games.

Sherlock’s got nothing on you. With your mighty riddle-solving noggin and a few taps and swipes, you can solve some of the App Store’s greatest conundrums. Elementary!

By jove, I’ve got it!
The Professor Layton games are among the best puzzle games ever made, in our humble opinion. After debuting on Nintendo’s handhelds, they’re now here on the App Store and better than ever.

In Pandora’s Box genteel Brit detective Professor Hershel Layton and his sidekick Luke investigate the strange incidents around an academic in a coma and a mysterious box.

It’s the mix of logic puzzles and storytelling that make these games so compelling, as well as how they feed into each other.

    Layton: Pandora's Box in HD

    2nd game in the LAYTON Series!


What’s in the box?
The Room series’ fourth game sees its creator Fireproof Games at the height of its powers, proving there are ever more inventive and ingenious ways to create puzzles with clockwork-like logic.

With this series’ trademark spookiness adding to the sense of foreboding, in Old Sins you’ll clunk open latches and clack switches on doodads to reveal ever more elaborate, intertwining mysteries.

It’s not just beautifully constructed puzzle boxes; you’ll bring abandoned contraptions creaking back to life as you poke around a dollhouse in a dark, dusty attic. Brilliant.

    The Room: Old Sins

    Discover the secrets within


A classic whodunnit
Classic murder mystery narrative and crime scene investigation collide in Murder in the Alps, a beautifully-made slice of retro intrigue.

Guess what? There’s been a murder in the Alps! So off you go to figure it all out, tapping on items of interest within crime scenes to move the story forwards, gradually revealing clues that lead to the killer. If you’re into Agatha Christie-type thrillers, look no further.

    Murder in the Alps

    Hidden Objects Crime Adventure


Meet your match
Another one for fans of that classic murder mystery style, Mystery Match takes those delightful 1930s detective tropes and turns it into a moreish match-puzzle game.

Grab your magnifying glass and head out on an intercontinental adventure, in which you’ll meet plenty of characters both sincere and sinister. And it’s not just match-three puzzles, there are other ways to crack the case too – including scouring crime scenes for clues.

    Mystery Match

    Exciting Puzzle Adventure!


The camera never lies(?)
And now for a rather more modern type of mystery. Telling Lies is a brilliant piece of storytelling broken down into dozens of short video clips, all searchable on a (stolen) NSA database.

You search for terms in recorded video calls and webcam chats to figure out what went down between the four lead characters – and you’ll genuinely feel like a detective while you do so. Superb.

    Telling Lies

    4 private lives. 1 big lie.