OutRush - Synthwave Action is an action-packed flying game.

OutRush - Synthwave Action


Blending retro style with futuristic vibes, OutRush will really put your reflexes to the test.

Level 1 drops you into a ship in mid-flight, daring you to navigate through the first of many obstacle courses as you escape a beautiful – and deadly – virtual world.

Grab those green memory chips to buy better ships.

Swipe to dodge floating beams and revolving spikes. Fly a little farther, though, and the challenges grow wonderfully intense.

Pierce panels with a laser, or rotate your ship to pass through a narrow keyhole. Sometimes the right move is to use your boosters to bust through a wall – and then immediately brake before slamming into the next obstacle.

The game’s rapid-fire pace will have you blasting walls at ridiculously close range.

But don’t worry: Restarts are no biggie. Mastering OutRush’s many challenges means stringing moves together with perfect precision – and feeling the rush.