Are you an Avengers superfan?

Our challenge will put your love to the test.

So you love the Avengers. You’ve watched the movies, read the comics, maybe dressed up for a Halloween or two. You can name Thor’s hammer (Mjölnir, of course) and all six Infinity Stones.

But just how dedicated are you? Take our quiz, and if you pick (b) at least three times, congratulations! Consider yourself Earth’s mightiest Marvel know-it-all.

There’s no shortage of Thanos stories in Marvel Unlimited.

1. Marvel Unlimited gives you all-you-can-read access to a massive library of comics – more than 25,000 issues in all! You’ve...

(a) read any five issues in the app.
(b) devoured each issue of the Thanos Quest (1990), Infinity Gauntlet (1991) and Infinity (2013) miniseries multiple times.

    Marvel Unlimited

    Read 27K Marvel Digital Comics

Clearly these enemies felt the force of a Strike Force superfan.

2. In Marvel Strike Force’s epic battles, teams of heroes and villains go toe to toe. You’ve...

(a) unlocked Scarlet Witch and healed a wounded teammate. (Baby steps!)
(b) deposed an evil President Stark with your all-baddie squad in the Villains campaign. (Bonus points for having recruited movie foes Loki, Ultron and Thanos.)

    MARVEL Strike Force

    MARVEL Heroes & Villains Await

Feel free to go outside the lines in Color Your Own.

3. Marvel: Color Your Own lets you colour famous comic book panels and covers. You’ve used the app to...

(a) re-create a classic Avengers cover.
(b) re-create a classic Avengers cover, adjusting the hues so Steve Rogers’ costume matches the black, red and white one he wore as the Captain in the late-’80s story arc where he temporarily resigned as Captain America.

    Marvel: Color Your Own

    Adult Comic Coloring Book App

The bigger they are, the harder they fall…

4. In the fighting game Marvel Contest of Champions, Black Widow and company trade punches, kicks and energy blasts. You’ve...

(a) KO’d an opponent with Spider-Man’s cross-screen web swing. Kapow!
(b) beat Thanos in Story Quests’ third act as Thor just so you could say, “No resurrections this time”, as you took him down.

    Marvel Contest of Champions

    Super Hero Fighting Game

Remember: Real superfans stick around until the end of the credits.

5. Every film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is available on the iTunes Store. You...

(a) have seen all the Avengers movies at least once.
(b) know the line of every Stan Lee cameo in every Marvel movie by heart.

    Apple TV

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