Ride by rail, air or sea

Take a trip to colourful animated worlds in these charming games.

Imagine a gap year in which you tick off things on your bucket list, like going kayaking down tropical rapids or flying a helicopter. Oh, and – just us? – playing at being a train conductor (Okay, maybe just us then).

Well, this trio of cheerful games lets you live out those fantasies, without the stress and crippling debt from going on an actual gap year. Let’s go!

Up the creek with a paddle

It takes a moment to get into the left-right-left-right rhythms of Row Row. But once you do, you should start barrelling through these beautiful deep cyan waters with grace and precision.

Trouble is, you’re up against currents and obstacles that make a gentle summer paddle anything but leisurely. This is one of our favourite pick-up-and-play high score games – perfect for a short sharp burst of action.

    Row Row

    Row your boat!


Get to this chopper

HeliHopper’s cheerful one-thumb fun comes in two flavours: you can play by advancing through increasingly tricky levels, or try to survive as long as possible in “endless” mode to rack up a high score.

To play, you drag your finger over the screen to aim your chopper, then let go to fire it over to the platform on the other side of the screen. Miss and it’s game over – but you’ll start again straight away, because HeliHopper is just that moreish.


    Are you the next Master Pilot?


Train your brain

Crikey, whoever designed the tracks in Conduct THIS! has a pretty lax attitude to rail safety. Fail to stop and start these trains correctly and they’ll run into each other and explode – maybe they’re all packed with explosives?

Anyway, this game’s crisp, breezy visuals mask a pretty intense set of challenges. All that stopping and starting will tie your brain in knots, and it’s a great test of your timing and lateral thinking.

    Conduct THIS! – Train Action

    Award Winning Puzzle Game