Design. Decorate. Play!

Do you ever spend more time than you’d care to admit designing an outfit for your favourite game character or customising the way their virtual house looks? Trust us – you’re not alone. In fact, there are entire games based on the concept of exterior and interior design, especially when it comes to homes.

So whether you fancy yourself an aspiring architect or just want to see what you can come up with, these great titles are for you.

Design and Sim

EA’s hit game The Sims Freeplay offers a deep, engaging virtual world and endless customisation. Build out and design every facet of your house, decorate it to your liking and then invite some Sim friends over for a party.

Design and match

Help restore a mansion to its former glory in the fun match puzzler Homescapes, which lets you lay out and furnish the house to your liking.


    Your home is your puzzle


Design and shop

In Design Home, the object is to deliver the best interior design by furnishing and decorating real 3D spaces. The best part is that all of the in-game items represent real brands and furniture that you can order.

    Design Home: House Renovation

    Interior Decor Simulation Game


Other great games

Want more? Don’t worry: there’s no shortage of excellent alternatives – from the relaxing Castaway Home Designer to the simulation-geared Highrise.

    Castaway Home Designer



    Highrise - Virtual World

    Your Avatar Community


    Home Design Story

    Design the home of your dreams


    LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World

    Meet new friends every day!


    Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World

    Fashion, Friends & Stories