Get started with OmniFocus 3

6 ways to engage with this nifty task manager.

OmniFocus 3

Accomplish More Every Day


Few task management apps are as powerful as OmniFocus; or as intimidating for beginners. But fear not, these six tips will help you turbocharge your way through the app.

1. Stick to the Inbox

Just getting started with OmniFocus? Don’t worry about those other tabs for now, the Inbox is where it’s at. It has nearly everything you need; you can add items, tag them, assign a due date and eventually (the best part), mark them as complete.

The Inbox is where you can jot new tasks and quick thoughts without organising them.

2. Create order

You can easily rearrange tasks with the same tag by dragging and dropping. Now put that power to good use. If you’re getting ready to leave the office for instance, you might search all the things you’ve tagged “errands” and reorder them according to the stops you’ll be making.

3. Tag liberally

You can add tags for categories like Priority, Energy Level, Location and any other context that makes sense to your workflow. Using them lets you focus on what’s relevant to where you are and the resources you have to hand. Looking for high-priority jobs you can accomplish on the phone when your energy levels dip? Proper tagging will help you zero in.

Tags, like iPad, Home or Phone, help you hone in on tasks you can do right now.

4. Sync it

If you’re using OmniFocus on more than one device, be sure to set up Omni’s Sync Server. It’s free to use and will keep your Mac in sync with your iPhone and iPad.

5. Add by email

Another reason to create that Sync Server account: it allows you to send items to your OmniFocus inbox by emailing a unique address associated with your account.

6. Stay keyed in

You probably figured out that the arrow keys are an efficient way to navigate OmniFocus. But did you know you can edit a selected item by simply pressing Tab? When you’re done, press Return to confirm or Escape to cancel. And to finalise your edit and create a new item in one fell swoop, press Return twice.

    OmniFocus 3

    Accomplish More Every Day