Go super Saiyan!

Good luck surviving this DRAGON BALL LEGENDS combo.


Anime Action RPG


Want over-the-top action? It doesn’t get any more intense than DRAGON BALL LEGENDS. From Goku’s Kamehameha to Vegeta’s Final Flash, these iconic, show-stopping finishers are among the wildest supermoves in gaming.

Witness, for example, the ‘RISING RUSH’ – a blistering combo that ends in an explosive mega-blast.

Dragon Balls pop up in your deck randomly, so scan through your art cards as fast as you can.

Setting it up requires two conditions: collect seven Dragon Balls midfight, then trigger the move when your opponent is wide-open for an attack. Pull it off and you’ll beat down your enemy for massive damage. If their health bar is low enough, your assault will cap off with a spectacular ‘RISING K.O.’ finish. For extra style, make sure your entire team is alive when you launch it. Every fighter on your side will contribute to your energy blast, sending your rival flying into the distance.