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A swimmer dives through the glassy surface of a crystal-clear pool. Instantly the tranquil water erupts into countless ripples and splashes. How do you do justice to a moment like this, in all its raw mesmerising beauty, with your camera?

Infltr is the app of infinite filters and a go-to helping hand for both novice and advanced shutterbugs. The app gives you the tools to experiment and play with the look of your photos and videos – and make the amazing moments you’ve captured flourish to another level of eye-catching brilliance.

Take a look at this photo of a swimmer’s plunge into the pool.

See the photo above? We’ll walk you through how to refine it using Infltr, and give you some inspiration for your own photo editing along the way.

In the original photo above, can you see how the overall brightness in the image is too strong? The highlights are blown out which reduces the visual impact of the splash and subsequent ripples on the surface of the water. We’ve got a classic case of overexposure on our hands!

But there’s potential here if we make a few tweaks. First things first: we need to increase the saturation to give more tone.

When you open Infltr, your iPhone or iPad photo library will be loaded. Select the photo you want to edit, then tap the white circle in the bottom right. From the icons arranged on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, select the circle with the white-to-black gradation to adjust the saturation.

Since we want to accentuate the vividness of the water’s blue, we drag the white circle on the saturation scale to the right and set it to +20. This increases the colour tone of the entire picture.

You can increase the colour tone of the whole photo by using Infltr’s saturation scale.

You know what this picture needs now? Brightness! Tap the sun icon in the app’s toolbar. Overexposure makes a picture too bright, so drag the circle on the brightness scale down to -16. This enhances the tone and definition of the water surface.

Lowering the brightness brings a refreshing clarity to elements of the water surface and deepens the effect of shadows.

Now that we’ve boosted the blue hues of the pool, it’s time to adjust the contrast; this should make the drops of water emanating from the splash more clear and expressive.

Increasing the contrast makes the shape of the grain in the shot appear sharper, so the difference in the light and shadow of the water drops are emphasised. Adjust the contrast in the half-black, half-white circle icon in the app’s toolbar; when the scale is set to +20, in addition to the water droplets, the ripples and floor tiles at the bottom of the pool also become darker, giving a better sense of the water depth.

Increasing the contrast makes the shape of the grain in your shot appear sharper.

Finally, the overall tone has a tinge of yellow, so tap the thermometer icon in the toolbar to adjust the temperature. When you increase the circle along the temperature scale, the warmer tones are elevated; when you lower it, the tones become weaker, with colder elements coming to the fore.

Lower the temperature to -10 to produce an overall tone that’s a more striking blue – the kind of blue that makes you want to dive straight in for a refreshing dip.

Lowering the temperature makes for a stronger blue tone. Are you dreaming of being the one diving in now?

Once you’ve saved your edits in Infltr, tap the plus sign button on the bottom left of your image and you can save the edits to create your own filter that can be used for edits to other photos.

The magic of the app’s infinite filter possibilities means you can forge a truly unique and personal photo style. You can make your mark on everything from Live Photos to videos to animated GIFs.

Whatever your vision is for the end product, Infltr has the goods to get you there – and then some.

    Infltr - Infinite Filters

    Create Your Own Personal Style