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Whether it's a problem, or just a preventative measure, it's always a good idea to be aware of what devices are connecting to your network. Network Radar is an easy-to-use network discovering and managing tool for iPhone and iPad that allows you to get detailed information about the devices on your network.

Once Network Radar has scanned your network, it lists all found devices. Each devices comes with detailed information such as IP address, DNS names, mDNS name, open ports, response time and more. Of cause you can also create scans with custom IP ranges. Every scan can be accessed at a later time, even when your device is not connected to it anymore.

Perform useful network tools, such as Ping, Port Scan, Whois, DNS (lookup and reverse lookup). All of them can also be used on IP addresses or domains outside of your local network.

Network Radar is not limited to your local network. You can also set a custom start and end address to scan just parts of a every network that is reachable from your device.

With it's intuitive user interface Network Radar is easy to use on all your iOS devices. It is a modern app designed for iOS with a low surcharge on your network.

Did you know that Network Radar is also available for macOS? Check it out!


Versión 2.1.1

NEW: The speed of a scan has been increased by up to 80%.
NEW: Sorting settings are now being remembered across different Scans and after restarting the app.
NEW: You can now sort Hosts by name.
NEW: A scan can be performed in iOS 12 and below without having to activate Location Services. iOS 13 still requires access to your location.
NEW: The host image size in the icon chooser on iPads has been increased.
FIX: Some backgrounds did not adapt to Dark Mode.
FIX: GUI did not update immediately when changing a Host's icon.
FIX: GUI did not update immediately when changing the timeout in the settings.
FIX: The app did crash when doing a portscan with an empty Scan list.


Daniel Witt
16.3 MB

Requiere iOS 12.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Alemán, Inglés



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