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Syllable Splash is a fun and engaging way to teach children the important skill of syllable segmentation. A multiplayer app designed with younger children in mind, Syllable Splash is colorful, fun, and easily adapted to the child’s zone of proximal development. With nearly 1000 images and words from one to four syllables in length, Syllable Splash is sure to provide many opportunities for learning this fundamental skill while the fun under-the-sea theme helps keep the child engaged.
How to play
With each turn, an image or word is displayed on the viewing window of the underwater submersible. The child decides how many syllables the word has by choosing the correct number (1, 2, 3, or 4). If the child chooses incorrectly, a mini-animation eliminates the wrong choice.
Syllable Splash is customizable from the opening screen and inside the app itself. From the opening screen, the adult can choose the level of syllable difficulty (1-4) and the response for an incorrect answer. From inside the app, the adult can choose between an image or, for the older student, the written word.
Syllable Splash also includes a setting that will automatically adapt to fit the child’s skill level. In the beginning, the adult has the choice of the number of foils (incorrect choices) available (1-3) and to automatically increase the difficulty. If the child scores 10 correct answers in a row, the app will automatically add another foil (up to 3). This is an easy way of increasing the difficulty level to keep it within the child’s zone of proximal development.
At the end of the session, a report card is generated indicating how the student has done. This report card is stored within the app; however, it can be exported into the Therapy Report Center, emailed, or printed from within the app as well. The report card is a useful tool for progress monitoring and report writing.
The purpose for Syllable Splash is to encourage literacy skills and phonological awareness. Phonological awareness and syllable knowledge are important for breaking long words into readable chunks1. Many children without these skills may resort to guessing or bypassing the word completely2. In addition, Syllable counting is an integral skill necessary for the Kindergarten/First grade Language Foundations area of the Common Core State Standards3. Syllable Splash allows the parent, SLP, or teacher to teach this basic skill many of children are lacking. When the adult continues asking questions about the picture, the student is encouraged to expand language skills.
Syllable Splash has the following features
•High-quality images and engaging animation designed to capture the attention of the student.
•Literacy enhancement through visual print and phonological awareness development.
•Receptive language building by potentially exposing children to new vocabulary.
•Expressive language building through discussing the presented pictures.
•Data collection for each student.
•Compatibility with Therapy Report Center for easy report writing and progress monitoring.
•Customizable to fit therapy needs

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Versión 4.0

Enhancements for iOS 12


Smarty Ears, LLC
114.1 MB

Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPad.



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