Welcome to ŠKODA Connect!
Does your car support ŠKODA Connect or SmartLink+?
If so, install the app, activate the vehicle and enjoy the benefits of online connection!
Do you own a ŠKODA vehicle and are not sure which digital services are available to you?
Use the “Check VIN” function to verify which functions are supported by your vehicle: just enter the VIN number of your vehicle.
Thinking of buying an electric car?
With ŠKODA Connect, you are ready for the upcoming electromobility. We already support both electric and hybrid vehicles and we are working on new features and useful improvements that will make family and business travel as easy as possible.
Are you a fan of smartwatches?
If you have an iPhone, you will appreciate the ability to view a lot of useful information without having to reach for your mobile phone.
How can the application help you?
Very simply: by enabling you to view a lot of data without the necessity to go to the car. For certain service packages, you will even be able to control some of the functions of the vehicle remotely.
Do you have ŠKODA Connect services in your vehicle?
The application gives you access to many useful services and features. Depending on the equipment and on the packages activated, you will be able to:
- View the location of your car if you are not sure where the car is at the moment.
- Find your vehicle in a crowded car park by making it flash and honk using the app.
- See alerts regarding low engine oil or washer fluid level and other useful warnings.
- Determine the range based on the current amount of fuel in the tank.
- Switch the auxiliary heating, ventilation or air conditioning on and off.
- Plan a route or use the quick search to find nearby places.
- Receive a warning when you exceed the speed limit you had set.
- Get a notification when the vehicle enters or exits a specific area which you can determine in advance.
- View driving statistics such as fuel consumption, distance travelled or the duration of the ride.
- Plan routes to places where you have appointments based on information in your calendar.
Does your car support SmartLink+ features?
SmartLink+ enables you to view useful driving data directly in the infotainment system. Simply connect your mobile phone to the vehicle and you will be able to:
- Display useful data directly on the main infotainment display of the car. You can view for example the level of the fuel in the tank, the total distance travelled or the number of days until the next service is due.
- Launch the logbook and easily record detailed information about the ride and keep track of the type of trip, route, date, length, breaks, maximum speed and engine speed. You can also upload pictures and photos, such as a scanned petrol station bill and other useful stuff, into the logbook.
- Display up-to-date turbo pressure, engine performance or driving efficiency data while travelling.
- Check the faults reported by the car system.
- View your service partner’s contact information and opening hours.
Try out the ŠKODA Connect app and have up-to-date information about your vehicle always within your reach!
For more information on the services and features, please visit


Versie 4.1.0

Download the latest version of the app, which we are still improving based on your feedback. Here you will find:
- New feature pack for ENYAQ iV.
- Improvements in the Service Partner and Car Feedback sections.
- Adjustments to increase app stability.
And other..

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1.5K beoordelingen

wilmardejong ,

Redelijk goed

De app werkt meestal wel ok. Tijdje gehad dat ik elke keer moest inloggen maar na een update niet meer. Soms wil de info niet verversen geeft hij gewoon oude info. Als je de Tesla app gewend bent is dit wel behoorlijk behelpen maar de basis is redelijk ok.

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Hello, we are glad that you like the application. Regarding your question, unfortunately, we cannot help you without a deeper analysis. So please contact us via your local customer service, where we will be happy to attend to you individually. Your MyŠKODA App Team

gtasrs ,

Slechte update

Na de laatste update doen de extra toegevoegde functies het niet. Continu foutmeldingen. Daarnaast is de functie van de agenda in de app en daarmee sturen van adressen naar de auto verdwenen. Dit maakte de app juist zo handig. Jammer dat het ontwikkelen van een goede app zo lastig is. Nu de Skoda ruim een jaar en de app helaas door allerlei fouten niet goed kunnen gebruiken.

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Dear Mr. gtasrs, we are very sorry to hear you've been having troubles with the app. Please do not hesitate to contact us on, phone 0800-2834463 or via the i-Call button in your car. We would be happy to help you. Your ŠKODA Connect App Team

hugoA1334 ,


Herkend VIN code niet van Enyaq!

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Hello, we are very sorry that you are having difficulties with our app. Unfortunately, we cannot help you without a deeper analysis. So please contact us via your local customer service, where we will be happy to attend to you individually. Your MyŠKODA App Team


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  • Contact­gegevens
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    Tot zes gezinsleden kunnen deze app gebruiken als Delen met gezin staat ingeschakeld.

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