Manage your whole poultry farm in one application. 123Poultry is more than a farm record book. Track your farms technical and financial performance and get instant analysis insights. This free application is easy to use and does not require any complicated calculations. On average it takes less than five minutes per day to track your whole farm!
Poultry farm performance is measured in terms of technical and financial performance. The technical performance of a farm details how efficient your farm produces. The financial performance explains the profits and losses of a farm.
(1) Get a grip on your Financial performance
When you want to increase your farm's profits, it is essential to get a grip on your farm's income and expenses. 123Poultry enables you as Farm Manager to track the financial performance for the whole farm. It also provides insights into the cost per bird and for each specific flock. Learn together with other farmers by comparing these performance metrics.
Included in the app:
• Income and expense manager
• Detailed financial analysis in tables and graphs
• Logbook of sales and expenses
• Insights per flock
• PDF export

(2) Improve your farm's technical performance
Your technical performance will tell if a farm is running efficiently or where there is space for improvement. It gives insight into how many resources a farmer needs to produce an egg or kilogram of meat. Based on scientific papers and field experience, Champrix selected the indicators that best tell you how well your farm performs. Without requiring complicated measuring methods or calculations. The following indicators can be tracked with 123Poultry:
• Feed intake; Animal feed can be up to 75% of the expenses on a poultry farm. It gives insight in your feed spending per bird. Combining these numbers with body weight will give insight into the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), telling the farmer how efficient their feeding strategy is.
• Water intake: Water is one of the most neglected factors in poultry farming. Often a dip in water intake can be an accurate indicator for upcoming health problems.
• Mortality: gives a real insight into flocks overall health and could indicate problems.
• Body weight development: The weight of the birds can tell how well the birds develop.
• Egg production (for layer birds only): Tracking the egg production of layers will give a clear sign if the flock performs well.
Share flocks with workers and advisors
One unique feature is that specific flocks can be shared with your workers & advisors. They will be able to add data to a specific flock. It allows you to check if the flock's performance is doing well without constantly being on the farm. Workers will be added to the specific flocks and will be able to add data in a few minutes per day. This will be logged in the activity logbook and can be edited afterwards. It also allows Champrix advisors and distributors to review your flock's data when you share your flock—allowing for better advice on improving your farms performance.
Compare your flocks
Another unique feature is the option to compare your flocks results to other flocks. This can be your own previous flocks, flocks from your colleagues, or our preprogrammed flocks. These preprogrammed flocks provides a good indication of what the performance of your flock should be.
(3) Champrix improvement center
Knowing your farm's technical performance allows you to look for improvements. Therefore we implemented the Champrix improvement center. In this section, farm tips and management practices are shared. Champrix improvement center is a dynamic library filled with tips about diseases, vaccinations, feeding tips, feed formulation with, and much more.


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