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Sugar is in everything these days, from boxed cereals to pasta sauces; it's almost impossible to avoid unless you're eating a real food diet. The 7 Day Sugar-Free Detox was designed by the Young and Raw team of expert nutritionists and holistic health coaches to create a fun and cleansing experience for you while you break free from the chains of sugar.

Studies show sugar can be highly addictive, so rest assured we've got your back when it comes to kicking it for good! Inside this detox, you're going to find two meal plans to choose from. Our Low-Sugar Plan has small amounts of natural sugar found in fruits. Our No-Sugar Plan is completely sugar free.

Refined or processed sugar is incomplete in its nutrient profile, lacking minerals and vitamins required by our bodies for digestion. What ends up happening when we eat sugar, is our bodies have to seek out the proper minerals required for digestion and unfortunately, those minerals are "borrowed" from our mineral reserves. This can lead to mineral deficiency and other health issues that are today, considered "modern diseases".

The 7 Day Sugar Free Detox is designed to support:
- Breaking sugar addiction
- Weight loss
- Liver & Kidney detox
- Skin health
- Balancing blood sugar
- Mood balancing
- Energy levels
- Adrenal fatigue

Inside the 7 Day Sugar Free Detox you will find:
- Low-Sugar Meal Plan which includes some fruit sugars
- No-Sugar Meal Plan which is 100% sugar free
- Recipes - along with a list of health benefits for each recipe
- Shopping lists - to make shopping quick and easy, you can tick off items from the list
- Morning and evening routines - including how to get a perfect night of sleep
- Young and Raw's favorite books, quotes & documentaries
- Frequently Asked Questions

How does the plan work to reset the body?
The 7 Day Sugar Free Detox was carefully crafted by experts to get you results while maintaining your sanity throughout the process!

By replacing sugar with fresh leafy greens, vegetables, seaweeds and seeds along with an abundance of healthy fats, your body will be less hungry for sugar. In the beginning, you may notice a withdrawal period as your body adjusts to running off of fat and real food rather than sugar and carbohydrates. Be patient with yourself throughout this process, it's not easy, but we know you can do it!

The meal plans have everything you need to detox, and because there are no added or refined sugars your liver and kidneys will get a much needed break from processed sugar.

For 7 days you're going to experience what it's like to enjoy only real, whole foods but don't forget that diet is only one part of the equation. Proper detox also includes getting enough fresh clean water and optimizing your sleep. Our sleep cycles ensure the body gets its time to effectively detox, renew and heal. The included sleep protocol was designed based on all of the information we have about the importance of optimized sleep and the experiments we have done, to create a protocol that really works.

Your herbal protocol is always optional and if you're on any medications, pregnant or have a health condition, it's advised that you speak with your physician and consult an herbalist prior to taking new supplements. The herbal protocol is minimal yet powerful, including some of the most elite herbs for detoxing the liver, kidneys, creating clear skin and boosting energy in the process.

In Summary, the 7 Day Sugar Free Detox helps to reset the body by:
- Gently cleansing the body and promoting toxin elimination
- Gently introducing blood cleansing foods
- Providing the body with enough healthy fats to begin removing a reliance upon sugar and processed carbohydrates
- Encouraging a healthy sleep cycle
- Creates a movement routine to stimulate the lymphatic system, the endocrine system and the detox organs
- Hydrating effectively to flush the body of excess toxins and create electrolyte balance


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