Accordance® is a fast and powerful Bible study app that lets you read, search, and explore the Bible.

• Read the Bible and follow along with a commentary or your own study notes
• Compare two Bible translations side by side that will scroll in sync with one another
• Follow a Bible reading plan
• Take notes, create highlights, and add bookmarks that will sync with the desktop version of Accordance

• Search the Bible for words or verses
• Search the Bible using powerful tags and commands
• Search Greek and Hebrew Bibles (samples included) by lemma, inflected form, or root

• Press and hold when reading to bring up the magnifying glass, then select a word to view Instant Details (definition and/or parsing if available)
• Look up unfamiliar words in Bible dictionaries and lexicons
• Tap on hyperlinked verse references to view the full passage in the Instant Details popover

The following free resources are included in your initial download of Accordance:
• ESV Bible with Strong’s numbers (ESVi)
• World English Bible (WEB)
• Samples of the Greek New Testament and Hebrew Bible
• Easton’s Bible Dictionary
• Outlines of each book of the Bible
• Margin notes and cross-references
• Bible Lands PhotoGuide Sampler
• Kohlenberger/Mounce Concise Hebrew–Aramaic Dictionary
• Mounce Concise Greek-English Dictionary

If you register an Accordance account, you will also be able to download a free iOS Starter collection including:

• The 1901 American Standard Version (ASV)
• French: Louis Segond Bible
• German Elberfelder 1905
• German Lutherbibel 1912
• Greek and Hebrew Strong's Dictionaries
• Hitchcock's Dictionary of Bible Names
• Nave's Topical Bible
• Portuguese Bible: João Ferreira De Almeida Atualizada (ALMEIDA)
• Spanish 1909 Reina Valera with Strong's numbers
• Dr. J's Bible Study Methods
• Maps Sampler
• Timeline Sampler
• Chronological Readings
• Devotional Readings
• Classic Passages
• Parables & Miracles

If you would like to add more resources to your library, Accordance has an extensive collection of Bibles and study tools available for purchase. These materials range from Christian classics to Jewish publications to high-end reference works to the Dead Sea Scrolls in Hebrew. Whatever your Bible study needs may be, Accordance has you covered.

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Versie 3.2.0

What's New

* Significant reorganization of the Settings views, added several new preferences, and now supports searching.
* Main Settings view.
- Added a new General settings page with many of the prior main page settings.
- Moved the Amplify and Copy preferences to their own sub-sections.
- Moved the Instant Details Font Size + Source text settings to an Instant Details sub area.
- Renamed the Fonts Settings to Appearance and moved ‘Match System Dark Mode’ here.
- In Appearance, added “Use European Notation” and “Use SBL Abbreviations”
- Added a ‘large’ style title for iOS 11+ users on the main Settings view.

* Text Settings:
- Added sub sections for Contents, References, Layout, Search Settings, and Advanced
- Moved Interlinear options from the top level to Layout
- Moved Search Settings/Flex from top level to new Search Settings location.
- The Text Settings view will now hide Search Settings when applied to a specific pane, as these options are set elsewhere.
- In Advanced Text Display, added “Hide Spaces”, full Reference format, “Abbreviate Book”, “Include Text Abbreviation”, “Use Decimal Verse Divider”, and “Use English Names”.
- Added setting to hide page numbers entirely in Tools, not just change their color.

* Export and Citation Settings
- Significantly expanded the Citation Settings options, with the vast majority of all citation customization from the desktop.
- Added new Export Settings view that includes a variety of preferences, including default font, color, URL style, etc.
- Added support for conditionally showing/hiding the optional Export options, such as the ‘Default Font’ option depending whether ‘Use Default Font’ is selected.

* User Notes Settings
- Moved the settings option ‘Create User Notes File’ to a button at the bottom of the User Notes library section.
- Moved the settings option Link to Dropbox to the General Sync section.
- The Notes Settings view will now hide the Editor settings as these options are global, not pane specific.
- Picture size in User Notes (also this adds support in the aA quick text settings)

* Changed all settings to act ‘live’, immediately causing their change, without the use of a ‘Save’ or ‘Cancel’ button.
* Dark Mode colors are now customizable and are saved to the preferences.
* Increased the size of the aA Display Settings view on iPads, since there is generally more space.

* Added support for searching all preferences:
- Search bar is accessible by pulling down on the main settings page.
- Selecting a search result navigates to that view, scrolling as needed, opening up parent hierarchy as needed.

* Initial Localization support was added for Localizer evaluation. French, Italian, and Spanish Localization support has been added.


* Added support for inserting ‘missing verses’, as Desktop does between panes, between the two linked panes of a Search view.
* Improved accuracy when moving text selection handles. Though the initial selection is still word-level, moving a handle is character level, for better precision when making selections. This was needed, for instance, when selecting words in Korean like 아내가 that are actually a combination of a word 아내 (wife) and a suffix (가).
* Added support for Right Justified Instant Details rendering, following desktop logic.
* Renamed ‘Leading’ to ‘Line Spacing’ for clarity and to match desktop.
* Changed the pane splitter, when panes are horizontal and on iPad, to extend fully to top and bottom edges. While this may overlap slightly on old OS’s, it still looks reasonable, and looks far better on modern iOS.
* Improved the rendering of the edges of the secondary pane background color. This is apparent when the two panes have different background colors.

Beoordelingen en recensies

4.5 van 5
56 beoordelingen

56 beoordelingen

Mart-Jan ,

Only using this app for a few weeks now - but good so far😉

Good so far. Very extensive. Lots of resources. What I live about this is that I have bought the tool 8 years ago and it is still working well. Updates and well.


djdekker ,

Beste app voor wetenschappelijke studie

Accordance is de beste app voor wetenschappelijke studie van bijbelteksten op de iPad: uitgebreide zoekmogelijkheden, vrijwel alle modules van je desktop onderweg bij de hand, gebruikersvriendelijke en stabiele werkomgeving. Helemaal top!

S_van_N ,

Has its issues

The new update looks nicer, but has its issues. Often I find that the text isn’t properly presented on screen. Either a verse/sentence isn’t there, or it gets repeated. Scrolling down a bit and then going back up triggers a re-render, so it is solvable. Nonetheless it is a source of frustration that wasn’t there before.


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OakTree Software, Inc.
270 MB

Vereist iOS 9.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.


Engels, Frans, Italiaans, Spaans

In-app aankopen
  1. German Bibel der Neue Genfer Übersetzung - NT & Psalms with Notes € 21,99
  2. Dutch Statenvertaling Bible € 16,99
  3. Fire Bible: Notes of the Full Life Study Bible € 43,99


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