Alfred Remote is your personal command centre for Alfred for Mac. Your iPhone or iPad now becomes the perfect day-long companion to your Mac, giving you instant access to your favourite features, commands and workflows.

Alfred Remote needs to be on the same network as your Mac. Alfred 4 is recommended for the broadest range of features and best experience. Alfred 3.8.6 is the minimum requirement.

Alfred 4 for Mac is available from


With a single touch on your iOS device, you can control many Alfred actions on your Mac, including:
- Show Alfred on your Mac
- System Commands: Lock, restart, shut down, log out or sleep your Mac, eject all devices, quit all apps and empty trash
- Launch Applications and System Preferences on your Mac
- Open files and folders you've defined on your Mac
- Open websites and bookmarks, or pop up Alfred with a custom search filled in
- Replace hard to remember hotkey combinations and keywords with icons on iOS

If you're an Alfred 4 or Alfred 3 Powerpack user, you can control Powerpack features, such as:
- Quickly paste user-defined clipboard snippets into text fields and documents on your Mac
- Run user-defined scripts, AppleScripts and terminal commands
- on your Mac: Play, skip, even start playing random albums
- Connecting Remote to your favourite Alfred workflows gives almost limitless possibilities!


1. Ensure that your Mac and iOS device are on the same network
2. Open Alfred's Remote preferences on Mac and select 'Add iOS Remote'
3. Open Alfred Remote on iOS to the 'Add' screen, "Looking for Alfred"
4. Select your Mac when you see it appear on iOS, then type the passcode on your Mac

Your Mac and iOS device will now be securely connected, and the power of Alfred will be at your fingertips, making you even more productive!


Alfred Remote is a counterpart app which requires Alfred on Mac, and the ability to connect to it from your iPhone/iPad over Wi-Fi.

- Alfred Remote is available for iPhone & iPad on iOS 12+
- Alfred 4 is recommended for the best experience and new features. Minimum requirement is Alfred 3.8.6 on macOS 10.9+ on your Mac
- You'll need the ability to connect both your Mac and your iOS device to the same network through wired or Wi-Fi connection
- To control Alfred's Powerpack actions, you'll need the Powerpack for Alfred on your Mac

Take a look at for more details about Alfred for Mac and Alfred Remote.


Versie 1.5

We've added bigger grids (up to 6x6), better Split View support and refreshed navigation.

- Updated to take advantage of modern iOS device sizes and layouts
- Rewritten framework for improved performance and future-proofing
- Improved navigation layout for faster page switching
- Additional features available when using Alfred 4.3.3 and above
- Button grids can now be up to 6x6 in size
- Button labels can be hidden for a cleaner look

Beoordelingen en recensies

Ernst vd Veetdonk ,

Only promises

You think you buy a remote control, but in order to be able to really use it, you need to pay much more money

Le Kers ,

as expected

If you are a powerpack user on the AlfredApp on macOS, this is awesome.
Set up a spare iPad next to your keyboard and trigger any (!) workflow you've set up from it.
Also launch/activate/hide apps with a single touch instead of typing it in Alfred (or using a shortkey).

This app hasn't seen any updates for 4 years now, but I honestly haven't found a reason why it should need one right now.

No, it's not a remote control for your MacBook. It's a remote control for Alfred. That's why most reviews are poor starred.

Stoere Bink ,

Don’t buy this app if you want to CONTROL your Mac

The app offers the possibility to open stuff remotely on your Mac. But other than that it doesn’t do anything. You can’t control apps so this app to me is totally useless.
This wasn’t clear when I bought the app! I was under the impression that I could control my apps, but I wasn’t... But the worst thing was that they made a refund impossible. All apps can be returned within 24 days, but not Alfred Remote. “When you have downloaded and opened the app, you cannot return it anymore”. What???

My tip: get RemoteMouse. It works perfectly and is FREE.

The Alfred desktop app on the other hand is a great addition to my Mac!


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