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Vectornator is an intuitive vector graphic design software that empowers you to design anything you can imagine. Create sophisticated illustrations, interfaces, beautiful designs, and amazing layouts — all in one super powerful tool.

Vectornator doesn’t look or feel like any graphic design tool you’ve ever used before.

It combines all the powerful tools, advanced features, and high performance that desktop apps offer with a revolutionary card user interface that is built for the touch of your finger and the precision of your pencil.

• Create detailed vectors using our Pen, Node, Brush, and Shape tools
• Easily Align, Group, Mask, Order, Scale, Rotate, or Duplicate your objects
• Use advanced vector operations such as corner radius, Boolean, combining, separating, outlining paths, and more
• Typography tool with full control over line height, kerning, tracking, font import, ability to outline text and place it on a path
• Automatically turn bitmap images into vectors with our powerful Auto Trace feature.
• Photography mode turns your photos into expressive vector illustrations, and Sketch mode can turn your sketched draft into vector shapes in an instant! Seamlessly turn your rough concept into web-ready vector content!
• Brush Tool enables you to paint fluid shapes with vectors. Customize your own vector brushes for unlimited creativity!
• Work with different artboards in a single document for an optimal UI and Web design experience
• iCloud Sync keeps your files updated across all your devices. Work on your projects on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone seamlessly
• Add any of our 80K icons from the Iconator library to your designs
• Color Picker with support for Gradients, Palettes, Hex input, HSB, RGB, Color blending, and Wide color gamut
• Precisely insert values instead of sliders with our keypad and move your objects by point with our built-in Joystick controls

• Compatible with Adobe Illustrator and Creative Cloud
• A wide range of import and export options (AI, PDF, Sketch, Figma, SVG, PNG, JPG) as well as individual layer export
• Supports Drag & Drop, Keyboard shortcuts, Split View, and Custom fonts
• Optimized for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, supports digital input devices such as: (Apple Pencil, Bamboo Slate, and Bamboo Folio)

Do you have questions, feedback, or good ideas? We are always happy to hear from you! Please contact us at

Read more about Vectornator on

Also follow us on Twitter @vectornator, Instagram @vectornator, and like our Vectornator Facebook page.

For optimal performance, we recommend using Vectornator on iPad Air 2, iPad Pro models, and iPhone 6s and later.


Versie 4.8.0

Hey there Vectornators! In this update, we have made the following improvements to the app:

The Layers Tab has been completely redesigned and features a new, easier-to-use Layers management system. These changes give you a better overview of the different elements in your artwork, like your Shapes, Masks, Groups, Layers, and Artboards.
Swiping right on an entry in the Layers Tab will automatically select it. Swiping left will give you the option to export, duplicate or delete a Layer. Tap and hold an entry to view all options.
Tapping/clicking on an element in your Canvas with the the newly designed Layers Tab open will automatically scroll to the matching entry in the Layers Tab and highlight it. You’ll never loose track of an element again!
You can now also browse through all of your objects simultaneously, and re-organize them easily: Just drag and drop your selection from one Artboard, Group or Layer to another one. No need to group and un-group objects endlessly!

With the new Group functionality, you can create Nested Groups (Groups within Groups). These infinite subgroups are perfect for keeping your documents organized. Expand and collapse Groups by clicking the chevron next to their entry in the Layers Tab.

Masks have been re-engineered to allow for more editing options and easier handling. Assign a mask to any Shape, or to entire Layers or Groups, and the respective objects within them. Nested Masks allow you to apply several Masks to objects, and will be displayed separately within the Layers Tab.

Groups and Masks are now fully editable in their isolated state. Simply double tap/click on an object to enter Isolate State.

With the new Click-Through Mode, you can easily edit objects within a Mask or Group without opening them in Isolate State. Hold ⌘CMD on your keyboard and tap/click on any object to enable Click-Through Mode. If you don’t have a keyboard, you can enable Click-Through Mode in the Selection Tool Modes.

Artboards now have Thumbnails. This makes it easier to find the Artboard you meant to edit.

Use the new Multi-Select Mode to select multiple Layers at once. Open the Layers Tab, and tap on “Select” in the top left corner. You can now select multiple objects within the Layers Tab. You can also use a new gesture to select multiple Layers at once: Simply drag down on the list of Layers in the Layers Tab with 2 fingers, and the elements you pass while dragging will be selected.

We’re constantly striving to improve the quality of our software, and to do this, we need your feedback! Feel free to ask us questions, give opinions, and share ideas. We’re always happy to connect with our users. You can contact us directly in the Vectornator Forum or email us at If you enjoy using Vectornator, please rate the app and share your review. Thank you for being part of our community!

Beoordelingen en recensies

4,5 van 5
81 beoordelingen

81 beoordelingen

Constantine B. ,

Simply powerful

It’s like the Procreate for vector graphics. Super efficient!
Thumbs up to the team!

backpackertraveller ,

Another update = another bug......

Actually, this is seriously belongs to one of the best apps for vector drawing. Then why a one-star rating?

After last update, shadows showing on the left/bottom on my screen, suddenly appear on the right/bottom on my print.....?? How can I print a drawing like this?

And when I duplicate my drawing, it doesn’t show in the folder until I move away from the folder and move back to it. Useless.....
Both USED to be good......

Seriously, when do you guys start testing your stuff before putting it in the store? Or better yet: take a breath, take a week off, then review ALL your code and cleanup that inner-mess.

Really, this tool is OK as it is. Of course there’s always more and there’s always room for improvements.

But please, please stop this habit of improving one bit while killing another....... Don’t you understand how annoying it is if a tool works great and then, all of a sudden things that worked are broken down due to an update that doesn’t really add new functionality or better usability?

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Thanks for sharing with us!

Very sorry for any trouble the update could cause. This happens sometimes even though we are working a lot to make our users enjoy the app.
We are listening to our Vectornator community and doing our best to catch the issues before the releases. If happens that by any reason we have missed any, we are trying to solve them as soon as it possible. And, definitely, can understand your feelings when you used the feature yesterday successfully and today it stops working.

We are aware of the "duplicate" issue, it's already in progress, will keep you posted on it.

Regarding the "shadow" issue you are describing, may I ask you to get in touch for getting more details please to better understand the steps that lead to this issue? Have tried some scenarios, but I can't get the "print" outcome you are talking about.

We really would like to solve these issues for you and make your experience with Vectornator smoother.
Please feel free to contact me via email or answering this post!


Optimosh ,

Just Easy!

In one word: AMAZING

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Thanks for the compliment ☺️


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Uitgelicht in

Vectornator maakt van pixels penseelstreken.
Deze apps maken optimaal gebruik van de Apple M1-chip.
De toonaangevende vectorillustratie-app krijgt een grote Mac-update.

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