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Art Text 4 is graphic design software that powers up typography and lettering in your desktop publishing and logo design. Fans of social media channels will find Art Text irreplaceable for cover design and Instagram photo captions.

The wide choice of templates, text design presets and editing tools will help you create holiday greeting cards, flyer and brochure titles, company logos, book covers, and beautiful text effects for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter covers and posts.


• Unique 3D Engine.
Type a text in Art Text, and watch it instantly create a 3D model from a user-chosen typeface.

• Bump Map Technology.
Add and fine-tune bumps and wrinkles on a 3D text surface to simulate the natural roughness of brick, ice, rust metal, etc.

• Reflection Mask Tool.
Maximize surface roughness authenticity with Reflection Mask, which defines reflective and non-reflective areas. It is especially useful for rusty, decayed or scratched surfaces.

• Environment Textures.
Environment texture is a great way to simulate reflections from external sources.

• Light Options.
Control the way 3D text is lit by moving spotlights and changing light colors.

• 200+ Material Presets.
Creating high-quality 3D typography is simplified with material presets. Each preset is an exclusive combination of texture, bump map, environment and light options.

• Soft Shadow.
Activating the shadow option will drop the natural shadow of a 3D text object.

• Glow Effect.
The 3D glow effect makes bright surface areas literally radiate.

• Parallel Projection.
See how 3D object view transitions from Perspective to Parallel projection instantly.

• Facebook 3D Photo
Export 3D text in the format suitable for Facebook 3D Photo.


• Spray Fill.
Populate text with over 440 photo objects to simulate the effect of words being laid out with such objects as coffee beans, color balls, autumn leaves and clouds.

• Distortion Effects.
Edit fonts beyond common typeface options to wear out text sides, create random holes in the body, partially dim text and much more.

• Shading Materials.
Create convex and embossed text effects or replicate a gleam of light on text.

• Twist and Bend.
Transform text shapes with any of the 24 transformation patterns.

• Text Outline Effects.
A common set of effects includes: Shadow, Glow, Inner Shadow and Stroke.

• Brand-new rendering based on Apple Metal.


• 180 text design templates.
• 122 style presets for quick text effects.
• 750+ supplied smart shapes, vector icons, symbols, signs and hand-drawn shapes.
• 150 masks.
• Dark and light appearance supported.
• Extend workspace to an iPad display thanks to Apple Sidecar support.

Export the entire graphics to PNG, PDF, JPEG, GIF, EPS format, alpha channel (transparent background) supported.


Versie 4.1.3

• Introduced the Request Set option into the What's New dialog.
• Fixed issues with some 2D masks.
• Minor UI improvements.
• Fixed the problem with some 3D templates on macOS 10.13.

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3,0 van 5
2 beoordelingen

2 beoordelingen

Gerard1969 ,

No new light effects!

I started off with Art Text 2. Then I purchased Art Text 3. That was tremendous progress. The greatest aboput Art text 3 were the lght effects. So I purchased Art Text 4...and expected there would be more new and great Light effects beside the old. But no....nothing new....... Please tell me why????

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Hello Gerard, Art Text has 32 light effects and an option to use your own images of light effects, simply use Custom Folder option under Light Effects, in Images tab.

In version 4, we focused primarily on new tools and features, such as Spray Fill, Font Distortion effects, more advanced shading materials. These new features open ways to create text designs and styles that were not possible before.

In addition to the new tools, we introduced multiple new design templates that can be used for a quick result and are great source of inspiration.

Michiel224488 ,

Love it

We've been using Art Text for a lot of years. For webdesign, newsletter & socials. Easy, simple & effective.


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