Designed by a PhD Neuroscientist Mum of 3, the Babybrains® app makes your parenting more effective and fun.
By simply inserting your baby’s date of birth, you will receive weekly reminders with age-appropriate science-based activities.
Far from average tables and pre-set milestones, this app helps you “read Baby’s signs”, and respond to them in an appropriate and conscious way, with great advantages for all involved (one above all: fun!).
We know parents are busy and we don’t want to add to that overwhelmed feeling, so each activity only takes 5 minutes. Still, it brings about that “aha” experience that can revolutionise the way you look at your baby and interact with her/him.

The activities are divided in four categories:
1) Move (engaging with motor development)
2) Feel the World (engaging with perception)
3) Be social (engaging with social interactions)
4) Have a Chat (engaging with language development)

Once every three months the activity is replaced by a story to read out loud. It is a time to sit back and relax, enjoy a quiet moment together and follow imagination into a fantastic world.

The overall goal of the app is to empower parents with knowledge on brain and cognitive development. Importantly, the app also helps you put this knowledge into practice in the very concrete (and often sleep-deprived) circumstances of raising a baby.
This app can be considered a training in the L-O-V-E approach (Learn through Observation Validate through Experience), developed by Babybrains® as a tool for acquiring conscious and effective parenting habits, based on the importance of science and fun in growing up together (more on this on the website).

The app has been created by Silvia Dalvit Menabe, PhD, founder of Babybrains, reviewed by Evelyne Mercure, PhD, Research Fellow at UCL, and is currently in the hands of Mark Johnson, Professor, Head of the Center for Brain and Cognitive development at Birkbeck College. The illustrations are by Fumi Yamamoto.

Use this app regularly and you will see your family relationships blossom into a wonderful adventure. At the heart of it, parents and babies find fulfilment and fun!


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