ChoreoMaker has been specifically designed to support virtually every dance or music discipline and can be used for solos, duos/couples, groups and formations. Designed by a choreographer for other choreographers! ChoreoMaker is designed to make the process of creating a choreography as simple as possible regardless of what your profession might be; choreographer, stage director, ballet teacher, gymnastics coach or marching band coach. If you are a performer yourselves, you will be able to review/check out your choreography in ChoreoMaker before you start performing or training.

An App to help choreographers, dancers, performers and musicians to brainstorm stage formation. This app is is suitable for everyone from adults to children to make the formation animation.
Tweak your performers by assigning names, adding colors, designating performers as off-stage, and rearranging the order of your formations.
When you're finished, easily share your work with others.

ChoreoMaker App allows you to create choreographies with music!
For Jazz , Ballet, Modern, Contemporary
Latin Formations, Ballroom Formation, Salsa, Bachata,
Hip-Hop, Street dance, Breakdance, Lyrical
Theatrical, Folk dance, Tap Cheerleading, Disco Formations
Figure Skating, Show bands, Marching bands
Country Western, Twirl Formations, Gymnastic formations
Synchronised Walking and or Swimming.

We will continue to enhance the App and add popular feature requests.

- Add / edit / delete choreographies;
- Add / edit / delete formations/choreography steps and their duration; beats per minute
- Add / edit / delete performers
- Add / edit / delete teams
- Add / edit / delete stages /dance floors; customise stage / floor appearance and dimensions
- Add / delete music track/wave to choreography.
- Playback / animate choreography in various modes: normal and demo
- Adjust speed of play back and choreography animation
- Add / edit / delete template formations/ choreography steps and add them to the current choreography.
- Show path of every performer and in order to check their movements and positions
- Share your choreographies with other ChoreoMaker users by using the export and import functionality.

Please tell your friends and colleagues to give it a try as well! We are happy to receive feedback from you.
ChoreoMaker is a fast, easy and extremely powerful iOS App for the iPad and iPhone. Updated for the latest iOS


Versie 1.9

- Upgrade for iOS 14
- Changed export functionality for choreographies
- Added help function
- Added export to PDF functionality
- Added translations for NL, DE, PT, ES, RU, KO, IT and FR
- Other improvements


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