Beschrijving "A complete MSc in dinousaurs", "It will teleport your kids to the Mesozoic Era, with the animations and sounds, in a safe environment with no interruptions".

User @ "It is really awesome to see little kids laughing so much"

All the App content has been reviewed by a team of scientific experts from paleontological museums.

¡Get ready to enter the fascinating world of dinosaurs! DinoFun is an application especially designed for children who want to know the names, appearance, characteristics and habits of these strange creatures. This INTERACTIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA contains files on 50 DINOSAURS and marine and flying reptiles with ANIMATION AND SOUND that transports you back to the Mesozoic era.

Also, enjoy playing 6 entertaining games that will help you get to know the dinosaurs better with your family:

- QUIZ: questions to put your knowledge to the test.
- COLOURING: dinosaurs to colour in and decorate to your taste.
- PUZZLES: fun puzzles.
- MEMORY: match pairs of dinosaurs in this memory game.
- COUNT: count dinosaur eggs where even the youngest ones won’t leave an egg unopened.
- BEDTIME: a relaxing nighttime scene where the dinosaurs say goodnight before going to sleep.

Available for iPad and iPhone. English and Spanish (selectable inside the app).

-Privacy Policy-
Privacy is very important to us. This app does not collect, store or disclose to third parties any kind of information.
It does not have neither additional in-app purchases or publicity.

-- Get the Full app for all this content and extra game levels!!! --
In the full app you will find these 50 friendly dinosaurs and marine and flying reptiles, with amazing roars and lots of information:

Triassic period
- Coelophysis
- Eoraptor
- Plateosaurus

Jurassic period
- Allosaurus
- Apatosaurus
- Archaeopteryx
- Brachiosaurus
- Compsognathus
- Cryolophosaurus
- Dacentrurus
- Dilophosaurus
- Diplodocus
- Stegosaurus

Cretaceous period
- Amargasaurus
- Ankylosaurus
- Aragosaurus
- Argentinosaurus
- Baryonyx
- Carnotaurus
- Concavenator
- Corythosaurus
- Daspletosaurus
- Deinonychus
- Einiosaurus
- Spinosaurus
- Stygimoloch
- Styracosaurus
- Euoplocephalus
- Giganotosaurus
- Iguanodon
- Maiasaura
- Micropachycephalosaurus
- Ornithomimus
- Oviraptor
- Pachycephalosaurus
- Parasaurolophus
- Pelecanimimus
- Protoceratops
- Therizinosaurus
- Tyrannosaurus rex
- Triceratops
- Troodon
- Velociraptor

Marine and flying reptiles
- Ichthyosaurus
- Nothosaurus
- Plesiosaurus
- Pliosaurus
- Pteranodon
- Quetzalcoatlus
- Zhejiangopterus


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