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Katsiaryna Molnar

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DES (DoctorEmeljanaSystem)- it's a unique system of well-balanced, rich in all needed components nutrition, which gives maximum good to the human body for excellent functioning.

With DES weight reduction is easier and healthier, no tough consequences like weight regain yo-yo effect or other health issues. No diets, no restrictions and suffering, NO HUNGER!

The system gives tonnes of knowledge, therefore women change their eating behavior forever and don't get back to their issues with weight or health.

DES is built on scientific nutriciology and psychology and includes the latest recommendations of world-leading dietetic associations and the World Health Organisation.

The system is based on the balance of macro- and micronutrients, optimum distribution throughout the day, acidic-alkaline equilibrium, and performance of the most beneficial high in nutrition value foods. Main metabolic processes in the human body and specifications of the cell cycle are taken into account in DES. That is why using the system it's easier to get rid of excess fat but retains so important muscle mass. As well as to restore active processes in the body, which help to stay healthier and younger.

The App includes:

Schemes of the system DES (meal plans)
28 options (examples) for each meal
18 video-workouts

The most popular problems where DES can help:

- excess weight, obesity, regular weight regain (yo-yo effect)
- various skin rashes and acne
- gastritis, refluxes, abdominal discomfort, constipation
- weak hair and nails
- higher blood sugar
- higher cholesterol
- anemia
- cravings for sweets
- constant fatigue, weakness, drowsiness, depression
- low level of energy and joy
- infertility
- during pregnancy DES accompanies healthy pregnancy, helps not to gain extra weight and feel good


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