DreamKeeper is your own personal dream journal.

With DreamKeeper, you can:

- RECORD: very quickly and easily chronicle your dream at the very moment you wake from it
- REMEMBER: access all your dreams easily with our intuitive date slider
- ADD DETAILS: add more information to your dream by adding people and theme tags, as well as other notes about your dream
- SEARCH: easily find dreams by searching for keywords, people or themes
- PROTECT: keep your dreams private by enabling passcode protection
- BACKUP/RESTORE: keep your dreams safe by using Dropbox to backup and restore to one or more devices
- EXPORT: share your dreams with the world as text, text files or PDF files using your favorite apps and services

Dreams play an important role in our mental and spiritual lives. Anyone can benefit from the insights which our nightly dreams can offer, and keeping a dream diary allows us to better understand the workings of our own subconscious minds.

Within 10 minutes of waking up, you are likely to forget over 80% of the detail and content from your dream. This is where DreamKeeper comes in! DreamKeeper makes it easy to record, store and manage all of your dreams with our simple yet powerful interface.

All feedback will be gladly accepted! Tell us what you think of DreamKeeper either by sending us an email to feedback@scorpiondev.com or by leaving an app review right here in the App Store.


Versie 1.9.1

We squashed a small bug that in rare cases was crashing the app after upgrading from much older versions of DreamKeeper.

When upgrading to a newer version of DreamKeeper, be sure to use the Backup feature to make sure that your precious dreams are stored safe and sound in Dropbox.

If you have problems, bugs, criticisms or other suggestions for DreamKeeper, please either email us (feedback@scorpiondev.com) or use the 'Send Feedback' button within DreamKeeper to get in contact with us.

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2 beoordelingen

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Fijne app

Dropbox support en wachtwoord zijn fijn. Hele goede app, niets aan op te merken.

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Makkelijke App en veel opties.
Ik gebruik het nu 2 maanden en heb nog geen probleem gevonden.
Dus ik raad deze app erg aan!


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  • Delen met gezin

    Tot zes gezinsleden kunnen deze app gebruiken als Delen met gezin staat ingeschakeld.

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