Dumb Ways to Climb 9+

Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd

Ontworpen voor iPad

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Get ready for a game that'll make you question all your life choices! Introducing "Dumb Ways to Climb" - the incredibly unimpressive creation that miraculously appeared in just one week! Watch in awe as our brilliant Bean aimlessly climbs on random stuff, reaching for the stars... well, kind of.

In this mind-blowing adventure, you'll guide the Bean as it mindlessly drags itself across a jumble of objects. Is it a ladder? Is it a pogo stick? Who knows! The suspense is unbearable! No need for exciting challenges or brain-teasing puzzles here. Just mind-numbing climbing action that will leave you wondering how this game even made it past the brainstorming stage.

But wait, there's more! Feast your eyes on our visually "unique" graphics. Prepare to be underwhelmed by backgrounds and assets that were seemingly picked out of a hat. It's an artistic masterpiece... if your definition of a masterpiece is random mishmash.

And don't forget about the unforgettable soundtrack! We've carefully curated a single tune that will replay over and over in your head, long after you've closed the app. You'll find yourself humming it while questioning the meaning of life itself. Deep, right?

So, if you're tired of all those fancy-pants games with their engaging gameplay and innovative ideas, look no further. Dumb Ways to Climb is here to deliver mindless, repetitive fun like you've never experienced before. Download it today and marvel at how something so hastily thrown together can still exist in this world!


Versie 0.1.3

Bug and general stability fixes!

Beoordelingen en recensies

3,2 van 5
16 beoordelingen

16 beoordelingen

Leonardo2rms2 ,

Good but can improve easily

If only it saved the last point you were on, it'll be amazing. Normally I play when I have spare time between chores, so I play for 15min or so. It'll be nice to be able to continue were you left. I know if I don't close the app I might get a chance to do it, but the OS sometimes closes apps in the background and the game starts from 0 regardless of haven't close it

Psteven5 ,

Cheap knockoff

Cheap knockoff of Only Up. Not only that, but I got up to the darts when my game crashed for no reason: back to the start, try again. Yeah no, I’m good!


Silly little cash grab

This was purely made for the hype around ‘Only Up’ and for the little kiddies who can’t afford it. This game is bloody stupid.


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