What Are Your Electric Vehicle’s Charging Costs?

EEVEE is a free app to accurately track your charging behavior & costs to complement your Tesla app.

Track important Tesla stats like your current charging status, average time between charging, total energy consumption, total distance tracked and average cost per kWh. Tesla stats you won’t see in the official Tesla app.

Why did we build EEVEE?
We are Tesla’s early adopters and electric vehicle enthusiasts. We faced common blind spots and limitations in our electric driving experience. How much does charging cost me? Where can I find my charging statistics? How can I add electric charging costs to my accountancy? The Tesla app didn’t have enough relevant data for us. Popular web platforms like Teslafi were a step in the right direction, but lacked a mobile-first approach. We started building a mobile app that could answer these questions wherever we would go. Today, the EEVEE app isn’t the end of the road. It’s the start of a journey to make electric cars more convenient and increase the adaptation of electric driving across the globe.

There are 3 main tabs in EEVEE: history, charge profile and reporting.
- Your history contains your EV stats per date and location
- Your charging profile contains your personal Tesla stats.
- Reporting allows you to view your Tesla charging cost summary per location

Gain insight into your real charging costs.
Generate detailed reports for every charging location.
Be able to include charging costs in your company's accounting.

What's under the hood?

1. No external meter
Track all data in-app. We use the public API of your electric vehicle to gather all data.

2. Fiscal convenience
Send your consumption costs directly to your accounting. No extra meters needed.

3. Real time charge data
Get data such as consumption, cost and efficiency. Nothing more, nothing less.

Drive wise, charge wise.


Versie 1.4.2

We added support for Tesla Multi-Factor Authentication.

Beoordelingen en recensies

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3 beoordelingen

3 beoordelingen

MichelvanB52 ,

Tesla only

Doesn’t work for any other car but Tesla 😢

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Hi Michel, other brands will be supported soon! Which brand were you looking for?

largu2020 ,

Useless app

No cars available.

ze willen alleen maar geld ,

Only tesla

Bit sad that you advertise an app in the way that ppl think it’s working for there car to find out it’s only for Tesla

But their website says they are working on it so I hope it’s also working for my car soon

Btw the lookout looks good

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Hi, thanks a lot for your feedback. We will link other brands very soon, but for now, it's Tesla only. We added that to the app title so it's clear now. Which brand were you looking for?


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