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Emma Up is your personal sleep coach.

Any program can give you boring sleep tracking or basic meditations BUT Emma Up is different.


We believe that lasting sleep improvements start in your brain. So, at the core of your Emma Up journey is our psychology-based personalized sleep program that you can complete at your own pace. In your program you will gain specific knowledge, tools and skills that will help you change your habits, improve your sleep quality & wake up refreshed & full of energy. Because a good night’s sleep is achieved during the day.


Here’s how Emma Up works:



Improving sleep is not a race. It’s about small consistent improvements. Aurora helps you understand what your body & mind need for great sleep by giving you bite-sized content snippets about sleep.



Emma Up gives you a personalized program of daily habits that boost your sleep & our psychology-based approach helps you stick to these habits.



Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer & wake up more refreshed. Emma Up’s psychology-based approach provides sustainable sleep improvements, giving you energy in the morning and throughout the day like never before so that you are ready to hit the gym, play with your kids or whatever your day has in store for you.



Of course, our program is science backed. In fact, we are working with some of the world’s leading experts around sleep and neuroscience to bring this program to you.



Learn how sleep is connected to nutrition, exercise, sunlight, wind-down routines & many many more & build habits that lead to good sleep. Still enjoy the things you like to do while developing a healthier mindset regarding them, understanding how to get yourself ready for great sleep.


And we'll also cover lots of other fun topics like the psychology of sleep and habit changes, mindful eating, joyful movement, the science of your internal clock, self-experimentation, emotional health, self-care, and so much more!


At the end of your journey, you'll have earned the title of Emma Up Sleep Master and have a set of healthy habits to help you achieve consistent good night’s sleep & and lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.


Our scientifically backed personalized programs for sleep improvement was created by a team of neuroscientists, psychologists, and other sleep experts.


And if you like talking science like we do, you might also recognize some of tried-and-true concepts and approaches that have informed our program like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and more.


Try Emma Up for free today to start your journey towards better sleep, happier mornings and more energized days!



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