Do you love playing games and solving puzzles?
Do you want to engage in PvP gameplay?
Do you want to challenge your problem-solving abilities, on-the-go?

Then welcome to the world of Escape Legends! Put your puzzle skills to the ultimate test in a ticking time bomb of a game that will prove if you have what it takes to escape first. It’s a fast-paced escape game with procedurally generated rooms that guarantee each new counter is totally unique. Use items and power-ups to thwart your opponent, always moving one step ahead. Be careful because your opponent can use those same power-ups! Think quickly, act strategically, and beat out everyone playing with you.

Escape to victory with Escape Legends.

Escape Legends Features
• Interactive Puzzle Game: Move through different puzzle games and escape levels until you are the ultimate champion.
• First Ever PvP Escape Royale: Play against your friends, coworkers, and family as you battle it out for bragging rights.
• Unlock Unique Locations: Continue to play the app battle games to unlock new levels and unique locations.
• Highly Customizable Characters: Have fun creating a character that looks like you inside our escape room game.
• Fun Brain Teasers:Put your wits to the test and have fun with this brain teaser of a game. It’s great for enhancing your focus and problem-solving abilities.

Battle It Out
Battle it out in multiple arenas with different styles and themes. Try an innovative spin on the room escape formula that will help you beat out your opponents. Do it as quickly and efficiently as you can so you can escape to victory.

Fast-Paced Fun
Finally, an app that challenges your coordination, intellect, and quick reaction time, all rolled into one. If you’re looking for a new puzzle and battle game you can play with your friends, it’s time to download Escape Legends.

Do you have what it takes to become the Escape Legend?


Versie 2.1

Bug fixes that caused crash.
Backend improvements.

Beoordelingen en recensies

4.3 van 5
38 beoordelingen

38 beoordelingen

Kirnea ,

Good potential

Very nice game. Fast paced, fun.

Some minor bugs that happen occasionally (unfortunately not consistently):
1. Chess puzzle in space station and kitchen sometimes bugs where it looks like the shelf just above it is in your way. Unable to see the board and the horse.
2. Colors of the memory game in the kitchen. Hard to spot if you have eye issues.
3. Twice now the clue for the locked cupboard where the lock is a combination of up/down/left/right was nowhere to be found. My opponent and I just waited each other out and, at least me, pressed random directions, hoping to accidentally stumble on it. Once I was lucky and got it, the second time I had more patience than my opponent, who decided to forfeit :)
4. One the number-code didn’t load. My opponent and I stayed in the game for over 10 minutes, neither wanting to forfeit. Tried random codes, but that could take very long for 1296 possible combinations to stumble on the correct one. Unfortunately I had to forfeit.

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Thank you for the comment! We definitely will keep your comment in mind with future updates.

WildTyphon ,

Very nice game

This is a very cool game! Only negative is the waiting time on the lootboxes.

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Thank you for the comment!

Rietjuhh ,

Too many adds

It was good, could look through some performance and sound bugs but after instantly adding too long video adds after every game I’m done. What a way to ruin an app with potential.

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Thank you for the comment! We definitely will keep your comment in mind with future updates.

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