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Hanno Rein

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Exoplanets are planets orbiting stars beyond our own solar system. This app allows you to explore all discovered exoplanets, their measured physical properties, their location in the night sky, and their host stars. An interactive model shows you the entire observable universe, all the way from the surface of the Earth to the cosmic microwave background. This app has been developed by a professional astronomer.

Main features:

* Interactive visualizations and animations.
* Physical properties of all detected exoplanets and their host stars, updated on a daily basis.
* Stunning 3D model of our Milky Way showing the location of all known exoplanets. You can zoom into any planetary system, explore how the night sky and the constellations look from the surface of other planets, or zoom out and see other local galaxies and galaxy clusters as well as the cosmic microwave background.
* Visualizations of exoplanet orbits and the habitable zone.
* Push notifications are sent out whenever a new planet is discovered.
* Augmented reality sky map: point the phone towards the sky to find an exoplanet!
* Interactive multi-touch correlation plots.
* Solar System planets, major moons, and asteroids are included.
* Explore S-Stars orbiting the black hole at the Galactic Center of our Milky Way
* Background information about exoplanets and detection methods.
* Full support of planets in binary, triple, quadruple systems and orphan planets.
* Real-time ray tracing on the GPU.


Versie 12.9.0

- Added the constellation of all exoplanets.
- Added many nearby objects to the Solar System even if they do not have any planets.

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4,7 van 5
31 beoordelingen

31 beoordelingen

clothing assets ,

Most original app..

This is my favorite exoplanet app
WHICH I have for YEARS now


Fantastic overview

As I write this, 4.604 exoplanets are detected, wow! Unfortunately though, probably not one possible candidate for extraterrestrial life. What a weird collection of planetary situations! Those few planets that are in the habitable zone, are so close to their star, that the radiation pressure (f.i. x-ray) probably is too extreme. How big should the magnetic field then be? And how likely is it that a such a magnetic field is established? Of course, compared with the total amount of stars and probable planets in our galaxy, what we have here is a percentage of a percentage of a percentage.

Vitore Corleone ,


Unbelievable what an app !
I feel very humble again after the virtual journeys I undertook in this app !

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Thank you!


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