EyeCYou is an assistive technology for the visually impaired using sound to convey human presence to the user; it provides a suitable number of descriptions of the (human) person’s physical appearance.

How to Use
• Please read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy before using EyeCYou. Using EyeCYou means that you have accepted both.
• Turn Voice Over ON to hear the pop-up messages. To turn VoiceOver ON , go to Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver.
• To take a picture with the VoiceOver ON, Double Tap the screen. Once the image is captured, EyeCYou notifies the user with audio feedback.
• If the VoiceOver was NOT turned ON, tap the screen once to take a picture. Once the image is captured, EyeCYou notifies the user with audio feedback.
• After 5-7 seconds the VoiceOver reports the facial description of the person(s) in the image to the user.
• If there is just one person in the image, and Face Recognition is turned ON in the EyeCYou settings. A window showing "Do you want to save picture?" will pop up. If the user clicks okay, the user can record the name of that person. Finaly, Click the Save Button. Next time the saved person is identified in any image, the saved name is reported to the user.

• Face Detection and Recognition: Ability to detect face(s) from your images. Save and name your friends to allow the app to recognize them later.
• Facial Expression Detection: Ability to detect and report facial expressions from an image.
• Photo Gallery Support: Ability to analyze images from your photo gallery. Save pictures from your favorite social media app and use the gallery function to increase your independence online.
• Facial Feature Report: Ability to return a detailed report of facial features about the people in your images.
• Age, Race, Hair Color, and Gender Estimation: Ability to report estimations of a person's age, race, hair color and gender from your images.
• The Repeat Button: Didn't hear the report? Use the repeat button to playback the report from the last image you analyzed.
• Clothing, Accessory, and Makeup Detection: Ability to detect everything from ties and hats, to jewelry and lipstick.
• Settings: Flexible settings allow the user to customize the app to their needs.


• “It’s really a great tool to help people that have no vision to navigate their life and meet people and feel safe when they’re meeting new people - KOMU-TV News.
• “App helps visually impaired connect” – The SHORTHORN.
• “Developers look to create disability apps” – Marketplace News.
• “EyeCYou will help the visually impaired see people in front of them” – KERA NEWS.


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  • Delen met gezin

    Tot zes gezinsleden kunnen deze app gebruiken als Delen met gezin staat ingeschakeld.

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