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We’ve redesigned Tracking Protection (now Enhanced Tracking Protection) to make it easier for you to see exactly when trackers are being blocked and exactly what’s being blocked.

If you're reading this you probably care about Firefox just as much as we do. Here is a more detailed list of changes.

[nobug] Set TP shield opacity to 50% when no trackers (#5394)
Add a Tab Sent notification (#5387)
change top site merging to host and path, Fix #5374 - Removing one top pinned site with different path, but the same host (#5373)
correctly hide/show page action separator line (#5376)
Long press reload to whitelist TP (#5370)
Updated menu item order on iPad to match the one on iPhone (#5372)
Fix Downloads action sheet: filename cut off (#5360)
Fix Context menu gesture handler on iOS 13 (#5225)
Fix Differentiate between sign up and login in leanplum. (#5339)
Update tracking protection lists (#5335)
Fix #5325 - PDF print not working (#5329)
Fix #5319 - Error in injected JS stops all JS from running (#5320)
Update Nightly logo to latest version. (#5331)
TP UI follow-up (#5314)
Remove the lines which call 'synchronize' on the shared UserDefaults instance (#5327)
Issue #5284: Move DB access calls to after UIKit init for 200ms faster start (#5308)
Fix #5301 - Open the new tab depending on the browsing mode on cmd+t (#5302)
Add disconnect list generation to BB postclone (#5298)
l10n Fix - Change ids for strings that have changed to trigger new transations.
Tracking Protection Skyline Update (#5274)
Bug 5288 - Page metadata not set to nil when not available (#5296)
Fix #4952 - Low contrast menus when reduced transparency/inc. contrast are enabled (#5282)
Fix #5263 - Show desktop mode for mobile site urls (#5277)
1497965 - ButtonToast will stretches to the bottom if toolbar is missing (#5289)
Fix #4968 - Google favicon is displayed in tabs tray after visiting and going back to Home (#5291)
(garvan/master) Fix #5261 - Night mode not persisting with new tabs (#5272)
Fix #5270 - no image mode not persisting (#5271)
Fix #5250 - Make sure view is loaded before calling applytheme (#5251)
Fix #5248 - Make sure numberOfRowsInSection and cellForRowAt use same data source. (#5249)
Fix #5215 - Spamming close tab crashes app (#5247)
Fix #5215 - iPad: Firefox crashed when closing tab too fast using external keyboard (#5244)
Fix #5043 - HTTP Auth login and page form logins have different fields used (#5182)

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246 beoordelingen

geen noom ,

Clear cache

I miss clear cache button in the history tab. It takes me 7 clicks to clear the cache. 2 should be enough, click and conform.

MaikR ,

Five stars that reads Three, because...

...this version simply isn't perfect, yet. But as there are a bunch of less-argumented One star reviews I would like to balance that rating.

Other than some users say in the comments, it definitely IS possible to switch the default search. It's even one of the first things in Settings. So please, have a second look before trashing with One star because of this.

Than the Private browsing mode is one of the many things why I've switched back from Chrome to FireFox, as it's private mode is really private... so not the Google-way, where some cookies are left out, but you're still walking all the way down ‘Alphabet’-street.

The blocking functionality in private mode is in favor of the biggest Unique Selling Points of Mozilla: Internet for people, not (pure) profit!

I think private mode should be the default for external links. Can that be made possible? So when opening a link from another app in FF, it opens by default in a private tab?

KatraVera ,


Crashing all the time. So I delete this app


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Vereist iOS 11.4 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.


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  • Wallet

    Bewaar al je passen, tickets, kaarten en meer op één plek.

  • Delen met gezin

    Tot zes gezinsleden kunnen deze app gebruiken als Delen met gezin staat ingeschakeld.

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