The capital city of Iowa, the 26th President of the United States, and fear of the number 13 – what do these all have in common? They are each answers in a bundle of flashcards that you can use to educate, study, and review materials for a wide number of subjects.

Des Moines is the capital city of Iowa, the 29th state in the Union. Cites, states, places, dates; Flash cards are a time honored tool to review information and memorize facts. Flash+ puts a modern twist on this classic tool – Swipe right if you know it, swipe left if you don't. We keep track of the ones you know and the ones you need to review some more. It couldn't be simpler to use.

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States. Presidents, writers, lovers, fighters; From the things you want to know to the things you need to know, Flash+ has bundles of flashcards that will suit your needs. Now more than ever, we are filling our time and our minds with knowledge. Working toward new bundles of cards will help you keep your mind fresh and your fingers happy. Need a way to keep the kids entertained and engaged? Need something that the whole family can use for trivia night, that long car trip, or getting ready for next week's test? Flash+ helps you do more, learn more, and get more out of the time we have at our fingertips.

Triskaidekaphobia, or extreme suspicion of the number 13, is just one of the facts you learn in the ‘Phobias’ bundle of flash cards. Obsessions and fears – Laughs and cheers; Learn isn't just work, it can be fun as well. There are a multitude of things to learn in this world. We try and bring a number of those to your fingertips. Phobias, sports teams, Indy 500 winners – They are all bundles that you can download as part of Flash+. Challenge your partner or your friends. Parents vs. the kids. We tally the results, and give feedback on the bundle as a whole so that you know how well you did. Pick a new topic and the challenge is on!

Entertainment. Learning. Knowledge. Power. All of these are brought to you in an easy to use, simple to master format that will keep your fingers moving. As an app that we feel will fill many an hour and help make you more complete as a person, we give you: Flash+ — the evolution of flash cards.


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In this update, we decided to remove all ads and allow earning points while studying the cards. Happy learning!

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The Evolution of Flash Cards.


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