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With Floating Head you can use your built-in camera or an external webcam to add a round floating panel which will always be shown on screen in your recording on top of other windows. You can add this live view of yourself to your screencast or tutorial video regardless of the software you use. It even works with the built-in screen capture software available on every Mac.

• Floating Head works with any camera that works with your Mac
• Use your iPhone as your camera on compatible devices*
• It works with pre-recorded and live screencasts
• The video feed will be shown on top of any other apps you have open
• Note: It will not display on top of full screen apps only windowed apps

You won't have to record a separate video and edit it in later since it will already be there and synchronised.

• Show yourself in live presentations
• Show yourself when recording an online tutorial
• Show yourself when doing a live stream of a game

If you find a novel use case for it I would love to hear about it!

* Devices that are support the new Continuity Camera feature will show up in your device selection automatically


Versie 1.1.0

This version has a lot of improvements under the hood which will make future updates much easier. Furthermore this is now a lightweight menu bar app so it will not clutter up your windows.


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