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Fluistr is a secure solution that allows you to provide users of your WordPress website with a hassle-free and convenient login experience. Fluistr consists of a solid WordPress plug-in and an iOS app. Fluistr is easy to install, give it a try!

Wordpress plugin gift
When you purchase Unlimited Fluistr Connections in the iOS app, you will receive a free 'unlimited users' license for one Wordpress website.

Forget passwords
When you start using Fluistr, passwords are a thing of the past. And that’s a good thing. Passwords are generally easy to crack and are also reused to log in to various websites. As an administrator you can’t afford this, your password is the gateway to all your customers’ precious work. But you should also not allow other users of your website to just leave the keys on the table. It’s time to forget all passwords!

Easy login process
Simply enter your login name or email address on the WordPress login page and start by clicking “Next”. Now open the Fluistr app and confirm by pressing the button. It’s that simple: you’re logged in and ready to go! Have you forgotten your iPhone? No problem, you can always log in securely using the Magic Link (via email).

Solid & safe
Fluistr is based on a secure 1 on 1 tunnel connection between the WordPress website and the Fluistr app on your mobile phone. Thus no servers, software, third parties or other unknown devices can interfere. On top of this Fluistr automatically generates a new encrypted login code with every login a user performs.

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5,0 van 5
1 beoordeling

1 beoordeling


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