Anyone who has ever suffered from a food intolerance knows just how hard it can be to diagnose, identify and manage their intolerance(s).

Combining sophisticated mathematics, machine learning (A.I.) and an easy to use user interface our Food Intolerance Tracker app (F.I.T.) can help you do just that!

Developed by food intolerance sufferers for food intolerance sufferers we wanted a solution where we did not have to spend ages entering data just to get a vague indication of what the problem might be. Instead we wanted to enter just enough information to allow an advanced machine learning (A.I.) to diagnose our intolerances for us.

Before discussing the features of this app further we feel it is important to stress that a food intolerance is not the same as a food allergy and we would urge anyone reading this that thinks they may have a food allergy to consult a food allergy specialist as soon as possible to confirm whether this is the case and to ensure you do not accidentally consume something that may trigger an extreme reaction. Food allergies can have fatal consequences!!!

Food intolerances are surprisingly common, notoriously hard to diagnose and poorly understood. This app aims to help you diagnose and manage any food intolerances you might have while making it as easy as possible for you to enter your information.

As a quick example:
Say you like Joe Mo's pepperoni pizza and want to record that you ate this a couple of hours ago. Simply enter Joe Mo's pepperoni pizza as the title, set the time and date you ate this and then select all the ingredients you think are contained in the pizza from a list. For a pepperoni pizza we might select lactose, casein & whey for the cheese, gluten, wheat, yeast for the base, additives for the topping.
You only have to do this once as the system will remember the title and all the ingredients associated with it.

The app will analyse all these ingredients individually and can even detect multiple intolerances. For our pizza example it may detect both a lactose and gluten intolerance.

Note: As you might expect a minimum amount of information mist be entered before the app can give a meaningful analysis. The minimum amount of data required varies from individual to individual but is typically a month or so.

Before purchasing this app please read the article on our web site as it provides far more purchasing guidance than we can fit in this description.


• Easy to use food diary for recording what was consumed and when
• Your favourite foods and drinks are automatically saved
• Easy to use symptom entry
• Easy to use ingredient entry, ingredient labels can even be scanned
• Reminders for when you forget to enter what you consume
• Easy to use weight, waist, body mass index (BMI) and waist to height ratio (WHtR) tracking
• Interpretation of weight, waist, BMI and WHtR data
• Machine learning analysis of intolerance symptoms, sometimes called artificial intelligence (A.I.)
• Recommendations of which ingredients you should avoid
• Export of all meal and symptom data entered that you can share with a nutritionist or clinician
• Charts of all parameters that are tracked
• iCloud integration allowing you to access your data on all your compatible devices
• Apple Health app integration

Today’s New Idea is a “not for profit” business so all proceeds from the sale of this app go toward the development of other apps we hope users will find educational or beneficial.


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