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Download the app for a 30-day free trial. ForeFlight is the integrated flight app with all the essentials for VFR & IFR route planning, flight plan filing, and flying in Europe.

ForeFlight is the most widely used application by individual pilots and professional flight crews to access weather and airport information, plan flights with optimized routing, file flight plans via EUROCONTROL, access and manage electronic charts and maps, reference flight manuals and documents, avoid terrain and obstacles with powerful hazard awareness tools, access in-flight traffic (and weather where supported), and aid enroute navigation.

ForeFlight requires a subscription. Visit our website for more information on the available plan levels.

Please note: Location is used to enable a moving map and to record track logs, push notifications are used for important bulletins and flight alerts, and contacts are used to add people to flights.

ForeFlight’s state-of-the-art map engine gives the app its signature speed and fluidity when panning and zooming. Data-driven Aeronautical map uses Jeppesen’s global VFR and IFR navigation data to depict waypoints, airports, airspace, airways, arrival/departure procedures, circuits, holds, no overfly areas, and more to support VFR and IFR flying in Europe.

Europe geo-region includes AIP enroute, procedure, and aerodrome charts and documents provided via EUROCONTROL. Optional add-ons include Jeppesen VFR Procedures, Jeppesen IFR Airway Manual coverages, and the German DFS VFR AIP and Charts. More countries and coverages to come.

Plan routes using the interactive Maps tab or the form-based Flights tab. Graphical Route Advisor produces EUROCONTROL validated routes within a matter of seconds. Simply tap the desired route to add it to your plan.

File your flight plan from the mobile app or on the web and receive Calculated Take-Off Time (CTOT) notifications (if applicable to your flight). Our global, redundant AFTN connection provides fast, direct, and unlimited access to filing flight plans with no additional cost or account configuration required. ForeFlight currently supports filing within and between any EUROCONTROL member states and Greenland. Generate a graphical preflight briefing and print a professional-grade Navlog for inflight reference.

Overlay a wide selection of interactive weather layers on the Maps view, along with your route line, and quickly see if conditions will affect your flight. View animated radar, global satellite and winds aloft, icing, turbulence, isobars, METAR-based layers, and more. Color-coded METARs/TAFs with decoded text help you quickly interpret conditions.

See the real time display of your GPS location on the chart. For ultimate situational awareness, overlay them onto the Maps view, along with weather and hazards in one integrated view.

Top-down-view Hazard Advisor map layer, Profile View, automatic Hazard Alerts, and 3D Synthetic Vision seamlessly integrate into the map view for a clear picture of terrain and obstacle hazards anywhere in the world. Features Jeppesen’s high-resolution terrain and obstacle data. Pair with an AHRS source for a backup attitude display on Synthetic Vision.

Built-in documents catalog
Airport business and fuel price information
Weight & Balance
Over-the-air data updates using delta-downloads technology
Chart color inversion for better night flying experience
Access to web planner

Fliegermagazin Newcomer of the Year 2018
Flying Magazine Editor's Choice 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017
"Best app for IFR" - Aviation Consumer
"One of the most popular and most-respected aviation apps available" - Sporty's Pilot Shop


Versie 15.1.1

Controlled Airspace Alerts
• Receive visual and auditory warnings as you approach, enter, and exit a controlled airspace.
• Controlled airspace classes A, B, C, and D are supported, as well as ATZ, MATZ, and TMZ. Restricted and prohibited airspace and MOAs are not currently supported.
• ForeFlight will provide a visual and auditory alert when you are three minutes away and within 500 feet of altitude of the airspace by default. Subsequent alerts as you enter and exit the airspace will be visual only.
• Tap the visual alerts to dismiss them.
• Toggle alerts for different types of airspace and adjust the alerting range and altitude buffer in Map Settings > Alerts.

Plate/Chart Binder Printing
• If you prefer to fly with printed backups of procedure plates/charts, speed up your preflight workflow by printing entire Binders rather than individual plates.
• From the Plates/Charts view, tap into any Flight Binder and tap the Send To button in the top right, then tap Print Binder to open the iOS Print Options menu. The print button is directly accessible in the top-left while viewing an Other Binder.
• Additionally, iOS/iPadOS 16 offers more flexible printing options, including deselecting individual pages by tapping them in the print preview and printing multiple pages per sheet using the Layout menu.

Airport NOTAM Filter
• Quickly search for airport NOTAMs by entering a keyword to see all published NOTAMs containing it at that airport.
• Access the filter at the top of each NOTAM list in Airports > NOTAMs or from any airport popup in ForeFlight.

Airport Rescue & Firefighting Information
• Access published Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting information in Airports > Info.
• If no information exists for a given airport, the Category will be marked as Unknown.

Honeywell ADG Integration
• Seamlessly upload your flight plan to your Honeywell panel via Honeywell’s Aircraft Data Gateway (ADG).
• After connecting to the ADG’s Wi-Fi network, open ForeFlight and look in More > Devices to confirm the connection and view information about it.
• To upload a flight plan to your Honeywell panel, tap the Send To button in the top-right corner of the Flights view and tap Panel. In addition to the route string, ForeFlight will send the initial cruise altitude, average cruise winds aloft, cruise fuel flow, winds aloft for every waypoint in the route, and passenger/payload information.
• You can also upload your planned route from the FPL Editor on Maps, but this will only provide the route string with none of the additional information sent from Flights.
• The Honeywell ADG integration currently supports ADG-300 and ADG-400 models.
• Available with ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

New Runway Analysis Aircraft Support
• ForeFlight’s advanced Runway Analysis product for turbine aircraft now supports the following aircraft models:
• Hawker Beechcraft 400A and 400XP
• Learjet 45 (Code E) and 40 (Code B & C)

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Stofzak ,

Professional app!

Really good app. Support answers also very fast. They update very regularly because it is a complicated app. There will always be bugs, but if you report it, they’ll fix it.
Used it for years. Only bummer is no more iWatch app...that was perfect for Helicopter pilots to check wind direction, speed, gusts. Now use Aeroweather Pro for that.
Logbook tracking is not perfect yet, they have to work on that.

Rasugo ,

Great app but could be improved for VFR pilots

The app works perfectly even in Europe, maps updates are flawless. Support reacts really fast.

However as VFR pilot, you can only use the app for situational awareness and you should still rely on your maps and printed NavLogs. The NavLog function is a bummer all custom waypoints and VFR Reporting points (at least for Europe) are show in Lat/Long format and forces me to manually rework the printed NavLogs. If this does not change I will find another app.

cptmau ,


Do not Buy !
Useless for Europe , charts do not update


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