We all have a different perception of low, mid and high frequencies. One might hear the highs better, while others might hear more of the low tones. This means that many people miss out on their music. Thanks to the Fresh ‘n Rebel - Personal Sound app, you can enjoy your favourite music to the fullest.

How does it work?
The Fresh 'n Rebel - Personal Sound app tests your hearing at all frequencies and tunes it specifically to your hearing. During the test, tones at all frequencies are played at different volume levels, specifically for your left and right ear. Based on which tones are audible and not audible for you, a personal profile is created in which frequencies are boosted or reduced. With the Clam Elite you will be able to enjoy sound with more detail and clarity than you’ve ever heard before.

1. Download the Fresh ‘n Rebel - Personal Sound app;
2. Take the 3-minute hearing calibration test;
3. Experience sound quality that is optimised to your individual and unique sense of hearing.


Versie 1.0.1

Minor bug fixes.

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4 beoordelingen

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App can’t see the Clam while scanning

After installing the app should scan and connect with the Clam but this isn’t working. App keeps saying “Who pulled the plug” Bluetooth connection between IPhone and Clam is working alright, but it’s the connection with the app that keeps giving a problem. Software iPhone is up to date.

Clam ANC 3HP400RR v1 001
iPhone 11 iOS 14.6

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,


Unfortunately the app only works with the Clam Elite, not with the Clam ANC. This is why you're getting the error messages. Our apologies for the inconvenience.


De ontwikkelaar, Sitecom Europe BV, heeft aangegeven dat volgens de toepassing van het privacybeleid van de app gegevens kunnen worden beheerd zoals hieronder staat beschreven. Ga voor meer informatie naar het privacybeleid van de ontwikkelaar.

Er worden geen gegevens verzameld

De ontwikkelaar verzamelt geen gegevens van deze app.

Toepassing van het privacybeleid kan variëren op basis van bijvoorbeeld de functies die je gebruikt of je leeftijd. Lees meer


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    Tot zes gezinsleden kunnen deze app gebruiken als Delen met gezin staat ingeschakeld.

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