It’s so easy to forget to water your plants, but it doesn’t have to be. Happy Plant reminds you to water plants so you don’t have to think about it in a simple, but game-like way.

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If watering plants was fun, we’d remember. But it’s not and our spouses have gotten on our case about it. Well, it’s time to show who’s boss.

To defeat this forgetful habit, we spiced up the watering task with gamification: watering streaks, naming your plants like babies, plant-selfies, and time-lapse videos to watch your plants grow baby grow.

Never forget to water your plants again with our Happy Plant features

- Manage your plants with unique water schedules.
- Take a plant selfie each time you water your plant to create a time-lapse video of your plant growth over time.
- Receive water reminders.
- Track your plant with water streaks to make sure no plant is left to dry.
- Customize your plants (your babies) by giving each a name and taking plant selfies.
- Edit water schedules to adjust with seasonal or temperature changes.
- Snooze your water alarm to be reminded in the near future.
- Store up to 3 plants for free.
- Upgrade to premium for unlimited plants and skipping photos and future upgrades.
- Clean interface to get simple tasks done.
- Turn a boring task into a fun activity.

Video Plants Growing:

Each time you water your plants, you can take a photo. In doing so, you’re actually assembling epic time-lapse video of your plant growth over time. It’s a fun video to watch as your green baby becomes a thriving green plant.

More Than An Alarm Clock:

Happy Plant is more than an alarm clock. It’s a good habit builder. We believe that seeing progress over time creates positive associations in your brain that help you remember better. Are we clever scientists? Not at all! But we’re finally watering our plants and our spouses aren’t yelling at us for being dumb. What more proof do we need?

Plant Care Turned Into Fun Experiences:

Having a fun water schedule not only helps to keep your plant hydrated, but it will help to prevent overwatering as well. With all our daily responsibilities, it’s easy to forget if you did something or not.

Tracking your plant watering will help guide you into becoming a good gardener. Each day when it’s time to water a plant, you’ll receive a notification. When you water your plant, you add to your water streak. Challenge yourself to see how long you can keep your water streak going.

When your plant is in the green zone, your baby is hydrated and happy.

When your plant is in the red zone, your baby is thirsty and in the danger zone.

Enjoy Healthy Plants!

Don’t be that forgetful dude ever again. Happy Plant is like the household wingman that will remind you to take care of your plants. It’s that’s simple.

“Now my wife asks me to buy new plants. Never would’ve imagined.” - the surprised cat
“ You just saved my marriage…and yeah, my plants too” - the lucky cat
“Watering my plants reminds me to shower” - the strange cat
“My plants love me. I love my plants…and the rest of the family” - the mushy cat

We at Happy Plant are on a mission to turn boring, forgetful chores into fun tasks. Through fun, we can remember!
Happy plant. Happy home. Happy you!

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Versie 3.8.8

Hi, Happy Planters! We fixed some bugs:
- When creating new plants, they are now automatically watered, so you won’t get confused if they still need to tap to water.
- Forgotten “days overdue” now start from the day they should have been watered.
- New Happy Planters, on their first use, also now see their newly created babies already watered and ready.

Thanks again for being part of our Happy Plant journey. We love hearing from you, improving together, and hope Happy Plant makes caring for your green babies just a little more fun.

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4.0 van 5
85 beoordelingen

85 beoordelingen

Ramonussss ,


Maybe it would be a good idea to add a share function, so you can share or save your timelaps

Ghost Reviewer 00 ,

Don’t waste your money

My plants were anything but happy! The app kept glitching and would forget to remind me until my plants were overdue for watering. I mean it is my responsibility but the app was more forgetful than me.

Sharky_za ,

Upgrade Scam

Tells you to upgrade to remove the “Take Photo” feature when adding plants. But that feature is still mandatory after I upgraded.


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