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High/Low is an app committed to improving the spiritual and emotional health of our users by providing them with tools to help them reflect and a community that they can connect with. The High/Low community encourages a sense of authenticity that you won't find in other social media apps.

The app is centered around your diary - this is where you get your thoughts, feelings, and experiences out without worrying about judgement from others. If you want to share those thoughts, we've given you detailed controls over who sees your data: you can share with everyone, only with friends, or you can even choose individual people you want to share them with.

Your diary entries can come in a variety of forms. If you just want to write out your thoughts, select the "Diary Entry" option. We also provide a special "High/Low" format, where you can enter your "High" and "Low" for the day.

If typing is too slow for you, you can use the "Audio Entry" feature to record yourself and get those thoughts and feelings out in a more natural way.

Trying to deal with lots of stress? Try our meditation feature! This feature allows you to focus your mind and meditate - you can even set a meditation focus to help you out.

Each week we come back with inspirational content to help you live the best life you can, and to provide an open space for people to be authentic.

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Privacy Policy: https://gethighlow.com/privacy


Versie 2.3

We added the ability to view the number of likes on your entries from the profile page.


De ontwikkelaar, Ben Hester, heeft aangegeven dat volgens de toepassing van het privacybeleid van de app gegevens kunnen worden beheerd zoals hieronder staat beschreven. Ga voor meer informatie naar het privacybeleid van de ontwikkelaar.

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